First Week Back In Training

Via Bridgerun

It’s been a while since I last went on training runs. Last year, I lost quite a bit of weight, but had trouble finding the time to train. I had also reached a plateau when it came to weight loss and fitness, meaning that I absolutely needed to run or train in order to lose more weight. I came to a standstill recently, as I was covering more than 10km by walking every day. I noticed that it was no longer enough to elevate my heart beat or to put a strain or burn onto my muscles.

This week, I decided to go out an run. I started on Monday with a 5.4 km run at an average pace of 6:50. Then on Wednesday, I went for a 5.14km run in 33:54 with an average pace of 6:36. Today I covered 8.31km in 54.23 minutes, at an average pace of 6:33. Needless to say that after the first run, I was in pain. Strangely enough, I must not have been too much out of shape because I almost felt fine after my second run. I wanted to go for a run on Friday or Saturday, but social events and bad weather made me save my energy for my long run today.

Unlike Wednesday’s run, I felt pretty slow. However, when you go running during the day, you come across a lot of other runners. Some faster than you, some slower. It’s nice to see when you’re trying to improve. Another reason that I decided to run again is because I have a lot of excess energy since my return from vacation. I guess running is a great way to sap that out of me.

I also take no breaks during my runs. This is pretty cool, as I know that’s the goal of anyone starting to get back into running. I remember the other times I started running, and I had to take many breaks. I took a 20 second walking break after I had completed the first leg of my run tonight, and then started again and didn’t stop until I stopped the clock.

I should be able to gradually increase my mileage next week, going out for 6-7 km on my weekday runs and maybe 10km next Sunday.

* * * * *


weekly km count: 18.85 km
monthly km count: 18.85 km
yearly km count: 18.85 km





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