Survivor Cagayan Our Time to Shine S28E03 (CBS)

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Morgan is the new bottom player in the Beauty tribe. She asks Jeremiah what made him change his mind to vote with the numbers. She does it in front of everyone. She tries to sway Alexis with her plans. However it does kind of make her worry about Jeremiah’s allegiance.

The tribes get notice about the next challenge. There’s food up for grabs. It’s time for the reward challenge. One person will be the caller. The rest will be blindfolded. The caller will direct blindfolded pairs to collect five idols. The first tribe will get chickens and a rooster. The second tribe will get a dozen eggs. Woo and Sarah are sitting out as well as Morgan. Beauty has their first item. Cliff sent his pair to the furthest object first. Beauty has their second object but LJ gets a fence in the nads.

Now Lindsay takes the fence in the stomach. Beauty has their third item. LJ gets it in the privates again. Now Spencer gets it in the gonads. Brawn has 2. Brains has 3. LJ gets it in the nads again! Brawn has 3. Brains and Beauty have 4. Beauty has 5. Brains has 5. Beauty wins! Brains can’t hoist up their flag. Lindsay runs into the fence and gets it hard in the stomach. Brawn comes back and wins second place while the Brains tribe fell apart as usual.

We expected to win.

The Beauty tribe finds a clue to an immunity idol. However, LJ already has it and thinks that if he hadn’t found it, it would have been found today because the clue was so precise.

There’s been some talk about this chicken-egg process…

We all know the egg came first because dinosaurs laid them.

Jeremiah kills a chicken and gets it ready for eating.

I think he’s dumb as rocks and a big fat liar.
Morgan about Jeremiah

Since Lindsay and Cliff are so close, Sarah wants to get rid of Cliff. She talks with Woo.

Woo has got this lackadaisical demeanor.

She tells Tony about Woo.

I’m here to lie, cheat, and steal. I’m here to drag people’s dreams through the mud to fulfill mine.

Sarah tries to talk to Trish to throw the challenge so that they can get rid of Cliff. Woo doesn’t want to because it’s stupid.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will dive to release buoys. Then, they will toss them into baskets. Tony, Lindsay, and Alexis sit this one out. Beauty has 2 already. JTia can’t get the first one and swims back. Sarah takes a lot of time to get the second one. Morgan has the third one. Kass can’t get it. Jeremiah has the 4th one. Spencer has the second one. LJ has the final one. Jeremiah scored 2 already. Spencer goes back again and again. Jeremiah scores 3. Beauty wins immunity. Woo goes back again. Spencer scores 1. Now 2. Cliff has 1. Now 2 and now 4. Spence has 3. Brawn gets second place. Brains is going to tribal.

They deserve to lose after that.
Sarah about the Brains tribe

Spencer makes his case to Kass and Tasha. They decide to get rid of JTia.

She has the propensity for failure.
Kass about JTia

They decide to Keep this from JTia because they don’t want any drama. Later, Tasha is no longer sure.

Tasha is like a pendulum.

Jeff asks JTia about their losses. Then it’s down between Spencer and JTia.

Votes to Evict

JTia. Spencer
Kass. JTia
Spencer JTia
Tasha. JTia

So they voted out the nutter.

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