Survivor Cagayan Odd One Out S28E04 (CBS)

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It’s not going well for the Brains tribe. Now that JTia is gone, there are only three left on this tribe. They are heading for a merge.

We’re not the Brains tribe, we’re the crapfor-brains tribe. Just a rolling log-jam mess with a couple of nerds on top.

The Brains tribe is psyched up for the challenge because it involves food. They arrive and everyone drops their buffs. There will be two new tribes. The choice is totally random by picking covered buffs. The Brains tribe is sticking together in the new Aparri and Sarah, Morgan, Jeremiah as well as Alexis. In Solana, it’s Woo, Cliff, Trish, Jefra, LJ, Lindsay and Tony.

For today’s challenge, one tribemember will hold onto a pole. On Jeff’s go, two other members from the other tribe will try to get them and drag them back. They are playing for reward in the form of coffee, donuts, cookies, pastries, cinnamon rolls and brownies. Trish and Jeffra have trouble with Tasha. Lindsay gets lose, but she gets back on the pole. Lindsay has got some kind of leg lock on Morgan. Aparri scores. It was very physical. In the next round, they get Alexis off in 10 seconds and Solana scores. It’s 1-1. They are playing to 2. Cliff is locked in again. Sarah is fighting hard, but Lindsay and Tony have her off. Sarah has lost both her shoes. Tony is pulling her. Solana wins reward.

It’s nice to upgrade from the moms to the hot girls.

LJ hopes to be absorbed into the tribe. Trish finds out that LJ is from Boston. They kind of bond over it. LJ uses this. It’s kind of annoying Lindsay.

You’re 50 years old, stop trying to get attention from 20-year old men.
Lindsay about Trish

Woo and Cliff talk about Trish. They would have preferred her in the other tribe.

Sarah is the odd woman out. Morgan says that she tried to find the idol. This happens when Sarah asks about what happened. This makes Alexis not trust her at all. She plans on aligning with someone else.

She talks with the Brains tribe. Spencer is surprised at how gossipy the Beauty tribe. Both Alexis and Morgan bitch about each other to the Brains. Jeremiah also tries his best. The Brains tribe is in control. It looks like there is a lot of dissension in the ranks of the Beauty tribe.

Trish tells Jeffra about her standing in the tribe. She doesn’t like Cliff or Lindsay. There might be some room for LJ and Jefra to squeeze in.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will use a large log to smash through walls. They will maneuver the log through a table maze. The first tribe to finish wins.

Each tribe will sit one person out. Trish sits it out. The other tribe needs to roshambo it. Alexis is the winner. Solana is the first tribe through. Aparri is working on the first wall. They switch up places. They get to the second one. Solana is slowing down. Aparri has caught up. Solana has a small lead. Aparri wins immunity but by only a few seconds. It’s enough for the win.

Tony thinks that LJ is going home. Woo and Cliff want LJ gone. Lindsay is worried about Trish. Trish tells LJ that they have been trying to get rid of Cliff for a while. Trish and Tony don’t like Cliff. She talks to Tony, and he thinks she’s nuts. He tries to talk to her but she’s not really listening. Now Tony is considering to vote for Cliff. LJ is thinking about playing his idol. He’s got no real choice. He’s taking it just in case.

It’s time for tribal. Trish says that she might go for another alliance. So she says that she will vote for Cliff. Tony is on the fence.

Votes to Evict

Lindsay LJ
Cliff LJ
Woo LJ
Tony Cliff
Trish Cliff
Jeffra Cliff
JL Cliff

So Cliff was voted out. No one plays an idol. It was a blindside. Woo and Lindsay are shocked. They are at the bottom now. They didn’t see that coming.





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