Survivor Cagayan We Found Our Zombies S28E05 (CBS)

At Solana, Trish starts talking and Lindsay doesn’t want to hear it. They get into it.

I can’t honestly be in the same sand as you.

Lindsay goes off into the night by herself. She has the producers call Jeff in. She’s quitting and leaving. Wtf?

Later Jeff goes to see Solana. He tells them that Lindsay quit. Woo is in trouble.

Two for the price of one.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They will face each other holding an idol. They need to knock the idol from their opponents off. The winning tribe will send members back to the other camp and raid their supplies. Alexis and Kass are sitting out. Spencer wins against Woo. Trish scores against Tosh. Sarah gets a point against Jeffrey. LJ scores against Jeremiah.

Don’t look her in the eyes brother, ’cause you’ll get sucked in.

Tony wins against Morgan. Woo wins and Solana wins reward. Woo and Tony go back to the Aparri beach. They get a hidden immunity idol clue. They decide to give it to Jeremiah. It was for them but they decide to stir things up. They also take the fishing gear and the comfort kit. The clue is the same as the one they got before. Tony gets the clue back.

Tony tells the tribe that he is a cop. He’s got himself invested into the tribe and that scares some of them because he’s playing the game hard.

At Aparri, Alexis comes up to Spencer to talk about strategy because Jeremiah isn’t very trustworthy. This makes him think that she’s untrustworthy. Jeremiah lets them all know that they showed him a clue from the other camp. Spencer doesn’t believe him. He thinks that it was a clue to an immunity idol hidden at camp.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will use wooden poles to make a staircase, race through a bamboo maze, maneuver a key through a rope obstacle, assemble a puzzle. The pieces will reveal three numbers to a combination lock. Morgan and Tosh sit this one out. Solana is all mixed up with the poles. Aparri is done with the staircase first. They head into the maze. Woo makes up the time quickly. He’s in the lead now. The tribes are close together.

Jeremiah gets the key and the machete first. He releases the puzzle pieces. Tony is working on the lock. Both tribes are working on the puzzle. Aparri is in the lead. Tony is coaching LJ and Woo to get the right numbers. Now Solana is in the lead. Aparri is out of it. Solana gets their numbers first. They win immunity.

Sarah is miffed that Tony was shouting “We made the Top Five” when they won the challenge. She isn’t happy that she wasn’t included. Jeremiah also noticed and talks about it. They make fun of him. Alexis thinks that Jeremiah is with them in their alliance. Morgan and Alexis tries to talk to Spencer and tries to make them vote for Jeremiah because of his untrustworthiness.

It’s a question of who is the bigger liabilty.

The Brains are in control.

The brain needed a body. We found our zombies, now we’re in.

It’s time for tribal. Jeff asks them about how close the old tribemates are. Sarah says that she’s alone. Jeff asks about the raid and the clue. It’s funny that at no point did the Beauties decide to vote together to vote out one of the Brains.

Votes to Evict

Kass Alexis
Spencer Alexis
Tosh Alexis
Sarah Alexis
Morgan Alexis
Jeremiah Alexis
Alexis Jeremiah

Alexis is voted out by a 6-1 vote. Morgan seems pretty happy. It was another blindside. She doesn’t look happy. She’s about to cry. Morgan’s got a big smile on her lips.





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