Survivor Cagayan Head of the Snake S28E06 (CBS)

The Aparri tribe is talking about Alexis getting evicted and crying. They sort of bond. Spencer wants to merge so that they can control the tribe. They talk about their final six. WTF. Totally ridiculous.

They’ll fall apart as soon as they merge and someone else will get evicted.

It sounds so simple, but the best laid plans often end up sprawled out on a murder scene floor.

Show me blood on your hands from a former tribemate, and then we’ll talk.
Kass about Sarah

At Solana, Tony is having fun but it’s getting boring for him. It’s time for the merge.

LJ and Tony retrieve their idols. They are going to Aparri to merge. The clue is a bit ambiguous about what exactly will happen. They get to the Aparri beach and learn that they are merge. They get a feast. A new idol with different powers has been hidden in the camp.

They all gorge themselves on food. Tony sees that he might be in trouble, so he needs Sarah back into the fold. They call the new tribe Solarrion. WTF. Trish is teaching the girls some yoga.

Meanwhile Tony, Woo and LJ talk strategy. Tony talks with Sarah about the potential alliance. Sarah hears him out. He tries to make her swear on her badge, but she doesn’t. She’s in the middle.

It’s a Sarah sandwich, it’s perfect.

Sarah talks with Kass and Jeremiah. Jeremiah thinks that LJ has one. That worries him. Sarah thinks that either LJ or Woo should be voted out next. Kass wants Trish gone. Sarah says that this is a stupid move. If Woo wins immunity, they think that they should vote for Tony.

I don’t trust the cop.
It lets me know that she is not in the six, she’s in the one.
I can’t even look at her, I just want to punch her sometimes.
Kass about Sarah

Sarah is painting a target on her back. Back at the fire, Kass and Sarah continue arguing. Tash tries to mend some fences. Kass thinks that Tash is taking Sarah’s side.

The fight made me happy.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. It’s the first individual immunity of this season. They will balance on triangular platforms on the water. At regular intervals, they will move higher. If they fall, they lose. It’s an endurance challenge. Trish and Woo are my picks. Everyone makes it into the next round. They all make it to the final. Spencer is out while he tries to get onto the top of the pyramid. Kass follows. LJ is out. Sarah is next out. Jefra falls off. Tash is out. Trish is out. Jeremiah is out. Morgan falls off. Tony falls off, Woo wins immunity.

Sarah thinks that she is with the new Aparri. They talk and Spencer says that they should go for Jefra. Sarah says that they should vote for Tony or LJ. Both of those guys have idols.

The others realize that Sarah is in the water with the new Aparri calling the shots. Trish says that she heard the cat fight and she could approach her.

I’m the new President.

Sarah says that they should vote for Tony. Kass is worried about the idol. Sarah says that she can guarantee that he hasn’t. This isn’t sitting well with Kass. Tony tries to talk with Sarah

He is just like me. I would get rid of me if I could.

Tony’s tattoo looks like prison tribal. I don’t get it why there isn’t any details on it. It’s just really big lines. Trish talks with Kass. Kass would like to take out Sarah. Trish says that they will all vote for Sarah. This surprises Kass. Trish talks with her alliance and they immediately decide to vote for Sarah. Trish quickly tells Kass.

Chaos Kass will show up at tribal.

It’s time for tribal. Like the oaf that he is, Tony reveals that he has an idol. Spencer asks him to prove this. It takes a few times, but Tony pulls it out. It surprises them all. The new Aparri is scrambling. They say that they are voting for the other one. This means LJ. They don’t know that LJ also has an idol. I think that LJ should play his idol, but not Tony because no one will vote for him.

Tony plays his idol and uses it on LJ. WTF. Amazing. Before Jeff can read out the votes, LJ pulls out his idol. He says that he will cover Tony’s ass. Any votes for Tony or LJ will not count.

Votes to Evict

LJ Sarah
Tony Sarah
Trish Sarah
Woo Sarah
Jefra Sarah

Kass Sarah
Sarah Jefra
Jeremiah Jefra
Tash Jefra
Spencer Jefra
Morgan Jefra

The old Solana erupts in wild applause as Sarah is evicted by a vote of 6-5.

So the new Aparri managed to flush out two idols in this tribal though, which was impressive. However, the numbers are tied again.

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