Survivor Cagayan Mad Treasure Hunt S28E07 (CBS)

Sarah became the first member of the jury in the last episode. Back at camp, Spencer thinks that Kass made a bad move.

She will go wherever her estrogen takes her, not her brain.
Spencer on Kass

The tribemembers on whom Kass turned don’t really want to hear her strategy. Kass got rid of Sarah and flushed out two idols. A triple win? Most of them don’t like her.

Kass remarks that Morgan just doesn’t do anything and just sits around.

She’s like an old dog, the kind you keep around because you love it and then it pees on the floor.
Kass on Spencer

It’s time for the reward challenge. They will divide into two teams and race through a series of obstacles in the water. They will reach a chest, which they will drag to the top of a tall tower. Then, they will solve a puzzle. They are playing for an outback steak house.

The tribes are evenly matched. Woo falls into the water but makes up the time very quickly. The purple team is ahead. Woo and Kass are working on the puzzle for purple. Orange starts as well. It’s down to the puzzle. Orange is ahead. They’ve got 5. Now 6. 7. 8. Two pieces left for Orange. They’ve got all stacked. Orange wins. LJ, Spencer, Jeremiah, Jefra and Morgan get the reward.

Tony thinks that Kass is really hard to read because she’s so under control. Tony and Woo decide to try looking for the special idol.

The others had a great meal. Spencer finds a paper hidden in his napkin. It’s raining back at camp. Spencer goes out to read his clue. Woo is suspicious and follows him. He sees him dig on a mud wall and knows that he’s looking for an idol. Woo kind of walks in on Spencer, and throws him his pants. He palms the clue and runs off.

Woo bolted with the clue, and that guy can run. I knew that pandemonium was about to ensue.

Woo runs to camp and shares the clue with LJ. Spencer knew that the game was up and starts lying. He gets his search party going. Everyone is looking. In all the confusion, Spencer is being watched by Kass and he actually finds the idol. He stuffs it in his pants and walks off. It’s a normal idol.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will balance on their toes on a beam with a block wedged over their head and another beam. When the block falls, they are out. It’s another endurance challenge. Kass is first out in a few seconds. Jeremiah and Trish are out. Tony is out. After 25 minutes, Morgan is out. Woo is out. After an hour, Jefra is out. She looks in pain. LJ is out. After 90 minutes, Tasha is out. Spencer wins.

Awkward-looking but very strong.
Jeff about Spencer

The old Aparri alliance makes their plan A to vote out Morgan. They also make a plan B. The Brains-Beauty alliance targets Tony. Their only hope is to flip over Kass again. Spencer talks with Kass. She says that she’s in no alliance. Spencer says that they will vote for Tony.

It’s time for tribal. It quickly becomes about Morgan’s laziness.

If any person in the world had to decide to be ugly or cute. Most would pick cute.

Votes to Evict

Tony Morgan
Trish Morgan
Woo Morgan
LJ Morgan
Jefra Morgan

Kass Morgan

Spencer Tony
Morgan Tony
Tasha Tony
Jeremiah Tony

Morgan is evicted by a 6-4 vote.

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