Survivor Cagayan Bag of Tricks S28E08 (CBS)

So Spencer found a normal idol and won immunity last time. Morgan was sent home. Back at camp, Tony is a dick and is in everyone’s face. The next day, LJ and Trish talk about Tony’s freakout. They are worried about his behavior.

Tony continues to unload to LJ the next day. LJ says that they could blindside Woo. The tribe gets mail about a spa day. Tony wants to be part of it so that he is part of the strategizing that will happen there.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They will divide into teams of three. They will throw a rope through a ring to release sandbags. Then they will launch those bags through a net tunnel as far as they can. They will maneuver them all the way through. Then, the bags will be bounced off a trampoline and they will try to land them in a series of baskets. They are playing for a spa day.

Jeremiah, Spencer and Tony have the early lead. At the second stage, he’s still in the lead. Woo is making up time. Jeremiah’s team is in the lead. Tony lands 3 in the baskets. Everyone is bouncing. Tony has got 4 and then gets his fifth. They win reward. Tony, Spencer and Jeremiah go on reward.

Woo is happy that Tony is keeping an eye on Spencer. LJ is now talking to Trish about Tony. Jeffra is there as well. They want to get rid of Tosh, Jeremiah and Spencer.

Meanwhil, Tony is thinking about getting rid of LJ. Tony talks strategy with Jeremiah and Spencer. He wants to use them for a future vote. Neither Spencer nor Jeremiah really trust him.

Tasha thinks that LJ would flip. However, he’s not willing to jeopardize his position with Tony, who’s completely paranoid.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. It’s a memory test. They have to repeat a series of tiles that Jeff shows them. Trish is out. Woo is also out. WTF. It’s only 4 colors. Jeffra, Kass, Spencer, Jeremiah are all out. Tony is out. LJ is out, Tasha wins immunity.

The main alliance is splitting the vote between Jeremiah and Spencer. Tony starts talking to Woo about LJ. He’s on board to vote for LJ. Then, Tony tells Spencer and Jeremiah to vote for LJ. Now, Tony talks with Trish. He just wants to blindside LJ. At the end, he’s no longer sure because Trish isn’t on board.

It’s time for tribal. Tony implies that he’s got an idol. LJ says that he was approached by Tasha, who said a bit earlier that the alliance could fracture, but decided against it. Tony still says that he works in construction. Then the talk veers toward who’s on the bottom.

Votes to Evict

Tasha LJ
Spencer LJ
Jeremiah LJ
Tony LJ
Woo LJ
LJ Spencer
Jeffra Jeremiah
Trish Jeremiah
Kass Jeremiah

LJ was evicted.





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