Survivor Cagayan Sitting in My Spy Shack S28E09 (CBS)

So Tony blindsided LJ and his alliance last week. It’s going to fall apart for Tony. Jefra immediately asks who flipped. Tony puts his hand up and tells them that Woo also voted against LJ. Trish still trusts Tony. Spencer is surprised by how many big moves Tony is making.

Tony is worried. He sprints to the water well and makes a little shack nearby it because people tend to talk strategy there. He calls it his spy shack. Almost immediately, Jefra and Trish talk about Tony and the alliance.

It’s time for a reward challenge. It involves boats and water. They will be divided into two teams of four. They will collect paddles and assemble a word puzzle. The winning team will go see some caves and a BBQ lunch. The boats are all over the place. Kass, Trish, Woo, and Tony are working together. Tasha, Jefra, Jeremiah and Spencer are together. After a bit of a scramble, it settles down. Tony and Woo take the lead. Jeremiah hits Jefra in the head with a paddle. Tony loses a paddle and has to retrieve it. They are back even. There’s one box left. They are working on their puzzles. The purple team gets it. It was Worth Playing For. They get reward. Jefra, Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremiah are heading for reward.

Tony wants to talk strategy, but Trish wants to find some limes and some papayas. Woo goes along. Tony goes to look for the special idol.

-They look like Morgan’s boobs.
Trish about papayas

Woo climbs up to shake down some papayas. He falls down. He fell on his butt.

-Did you break it?
Trish to Woo

Woo is very entertaining. He’s also got a good attitude.

The food is pretty good for the other team. The other alliance starts to work on Jefra, the weak link on the dominant alliance. The attendant gives them letters from home. Jefra starts balling. Before long, Tasha and Spencer join her. Jeremiah is made of harder stuff. This convinces Jefra to jump ship.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will stand on a narrow beam while balancing a ball on a small platform. At regular intervals, they will move forward, reducing the space for their feet. Jefra is out. Trish is out, followed by Tony. Kass is out. In the second round, they move forward and they have to move their hand down. Jeremiah is out. The last three make it to the last part of the challenge. They move forward again, and have to use the end of their pole. Woo is out. Spencer is out, Tasha wins immunity again!

She came in with it and she’s going out with it again.

-The rest of the alliance believes everything the man says, like he’s Jesus or something.
Jefra on Tony

Tony sprints off to look for an idol. Jefra talks to Trish about not feeling safe in her alliance. Kass gets involved. Meanwhile, Tony finds an idol. It’s the one with special powers. He’s clearly losing his mind. The special part of this idol is that this idol can be played after the votes have been read out instead of before. That’s pretty good because you can use it only when you need it.

Trish tells Jefra that they can’t get rid of Tony because he’s annoying. For Woo, it’s between Spencer and Jeremiah. However, they aren’t sure who has the idol. Jefra tells Jeremiah that she is going to vote with her old alliance.

Jeremiah tells his alliance that he’s a fashion model. Spencer isn’t impressed. Spencer says that he found an idol a week ago. Spencer says that they are voting for Woo tonight because he’s the biggest physical threat in the game.

Spencer says that Tony keeps swearing on his wife and kids about stuff and that he keeps breaking his promises. Spencer says that no matter who is with Tony from his alliance, he will vote for Tony because he has been steering this game, unlike the others. Tony talks about his bag of tricks. Spencer dismisses it, offhandedly. He shouldn’t have, because this time, he’s actually got something inside of it.

Votes to Evict

Spencer Woo
Tasha Woo
Jeremiah Woo
Jefra Jeremiah
Trish Jeremiah
Tony Jeremiah
Woo Jeremiah
Kass Jeremiah

Spencer plays an idol. Tony plays with his special idol and mutters that Tony’s isn’t real. Spencer uses it on himself. For some reason, Tony is so insecure that he brings out his special idol and has to showcase it in front of everyone. He then tells everyone that it’s a fake idol.

Jeremiah is voted out by 5-3 vote.

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