Month: May 2014

  • Survivor Cagayan It’s Do or Die S28E13-14 (CBS)

    The tribe comes back and Tony says that he voted for Trish. He says he voted strategically. Trish wasn’t a good choice to take to the final four.

  • Survivor Cagayan Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back S28E12 (CBS)

    The plan to get rid of Tony got sidetracked because Kass realized that taking him to the end would be great because no one would vote for him. Spencer wants to know why. The others tell him that they already had an alliance.

  • Lunecase iPhone Case Works Notification Magic

    Discreet mobile notifications are definitely the way of the future. Having the ability to mute yours and to quickly assess what you missed can make you productive. The Lunecase aims to improve the iPhone notification process by displaying alerts on the case itself. It debuted as a prototype at CES and is designed for iPhone…

  • MIT Undergrads to Receive Bitcoins: College Currency

    Starting next fall, new MIT undergrads will each be receiving $100 worth of bitcoins. This is thanks to the efforts of the MIT Bitcoin club, which wanted to jumpstart a Bitcoin ecosystem. Read more:

  • Survivor Cagayan Havoc to Wreak S28E11 (CBS)

    Back at camp, the main alliance is still reeling from another blindside. Kass doesn’t like the way it went down. Kass also didn’t like the way that it’s going for her. She starts talking back to Tony.

  • Survivor Cagayan Chaos Is My Friend S28E10 (CBS)

    Jeremiah was evicted last week because Jefra got cold feet. Spencer and Tasha are still at the bottom. Jefra asks Spencer about the idol.

  • World’s Smallest Magazine Cover

    While there’s no shrink ray in existence as of yet, scientists are hard at work at making magazines available for us, just in case we ever get down to the micrometer scale. In fact, a laboratory in Switzerland has managed to print an image so small that you could fit over 2,000 of them onto a…

  • OK, Google Everywhere: Big Google Brother Is Listening

    It’s not a myth that everyone uses Google all of the time. If you’re constantly using Google, then you’ll like the fact that it might soon be possible to access the “OK, Google” voice assistant feature from anywhere on your Android phone. Read more: