Survivor Cagayan Chaos Is My Friend S28E10 (CBS)

Jeremiah was evicted last week because Jefra got cold feet. Spencer and Tasha are still at the bottom. Jefra asks Spencer about the idol.

I knew you had the idol because usually you’re much meaner to me.

It’s time for the Survivor auction. Trish wants to eat. Tony wants to get the advantage that’s always available at these events.

They all go to the auction site. Trish pays $80 for a soda, popcorn, and candy. Jefra pays $100 for guacamole, salsa, and quesadillas as well as a margarita. Kass pays $20 for a steak sandwich and an iced tea. Trish pays $60 for rice and a glass of water. Woo pays $40 for ribs and a beer. Jeff notices that most of the people aren’t buying much. The next item is an advantage in the game. Tony immediately bids $500. Then Jeff explains how the bidding works. Only Spencer and Tony bid $500. They draw rocks and Tony gets it. The auction is finished. Tasha didn’t get anything.

The advantage is a clue to another immunity idol. That could mean that he would have two idols. He immediately goes looking for it.

Tasha is working on Tony. She wants him paranoid. The women are all together talking in the water. Spencer is telling Tony that Jefra was planning on blindsiding him 2 days ago. He also stokes the fire about an all-girl alliance.

Tony is willing to play hard, but not always well.

We’re going to have a non-adversarial day.

After failing to find the idol initially, Tony, getting annoyed with the women, goes out again to look for it again. He finds it. He immediately shows it to Kass and Woo. He’s an idiot. He basically flaunts it in their faces as an intimidation tactic. We’ll see if it pans out. Probably not. He’s an idiot.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will race to dig up bags in the sand. They will release some balls. Then, they will maneuver them through a table maze. Woo has his first bag, followed by Tony and Tasha. Spencer also has one. Kass is still digging, as is Trish. Tasha is in the lead. She’s at the table maze. Tasha has got one ball through. She’s got two. Tony now starts on the maze. Spencer is close behind. Woo is a few seconds back. Woo has got 1 as does Tony. Jefra is at the maze. Tasha has 3. Woo has 2. Spencer has 1. Woo has 3. Woo made up some ground quickly. Spencer is out. Tasha has 4. Jefra, Trish and Kass are out of it. Woo has 4. Tasha wins immunity again. That’s really impressive. She’s won it a few times in a row now.

That’s three times in a row. She continues to try and make Tony paranoid. Instead of following the plan and voting for Spencer, Tony plans on getting rid of Jefra. He’s paranoid about an all-girl alliance. He approaches Woo. He thinks that he needs to talk with Tasha, but he should have just kept it with the men, and let the women in his alliance vote for Spencer. Then, he could have given his idol to Spencer, nullified those votes and taken out Jefra with the three male voters. But, obviously, he’s nutty.

Tony tells Spencer that she has to vote for Jefra and that he has to convince her. She says that she will. The way that Tony has orchestrated this is at the fallacy of the other voters. They could flake. With Woo and Spencer as well as his idol, he would have been sure of his result. Including Tash was a mistake. There’s a short sequence of Spencer looking for an idol and Tony freaking out about it.

It’s time for tribal. Tony, after a few moments, pulls out an idol. It’s the regular idol. Spencer talks about making moves. It’s all BS. He’s trying to ensure that the vote goes his way and that Jefra goes home.

Chaos is my friend.

Votes to Evict

Tony Jefra
Woo Jefra
Jefra Spencer
Kass Spencer
Trish Spencer
Tasha Jefra
Spencer Jefra

Tony doesn’t play any idols. Jefra is evicted by a 4-3 vote.

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