Survivor Cagayan Havoc to Wreak S28E11 (CBS)

Back at camp, the main alliance is still reeling from another blindside. Kass doesn’t like the way it went down. Kass also didn’t like the way that it’s going for her. She starts talking back to Tony.

Kass wants to get out of Tony’s rule.

Tony is lying to everyone all the time.

The boys are talking being a cop. He’s also talking trash about Kass. At least, that’s what she hears. This isn’t the case. She calls him out a little later. Tony denies it. Spencer says in a VT that Tony wasn’t doing anything wrong for once, but he isn’t speaking up.

I want to kill the cult leader.

Later on the beach, Tony tries to mend fences with Kass, but it doesn’t really work. She’s using this against him. She’s pushing him to see if he will break. Tony blurts out that he has a special idol as well.

It’s time for a reward challenge. They will race to throw sand bags to destroy a wall. One member from each of the two teams will race to rebuild it. The winning team will go to a local school to bring school supplies and some hamburgers.

Woo, Spencer and Kass are taking on Tasha, Trish, and Tony. Tony knocks down a few. Spencer and Kass get the job done. Orange is in the lead. They switch and start building up the puzzle wall again. Spencer is falling behind. Tash is in the lead. Spencer is completely frazzled. Kass is directing him. Spencer is catching up. The momentum has shifted. Spencer finishes. Spencer, Kass, and Woo win reward. They get some food and give it to a Filipino school. Woo entertains the kids and does some martial arts.

Kass talks with Woo and Spencer about flushing out Tony’s idols. They decide to do a 3-way split. Woo is a bit unsure. On the way back, Woo says that he’s in. Kass liked the fact that he took a bit of time to think and mull things over. That means that he considers decisions carefully. Spencer talks with Tasha about splitting the vote between Tony and Trish.

Trish wonders if they got Woo. She talks to Tony. Woo tells them that Kass wanted to take out Tasha. It’s a bit of a bad play because Tony knows something is up.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will race out and count the number of items at six stations. They will use these numbers to open a lock to release a key. Tony and Tasha are the first ones back. Spencer is back. Woo and Trish come back too. They all head back. Kass comes back last. She’s wrong. Tony is wrong too. Jeff is wrong as well. Tasha is too. Woo comes back with a big old smile again. Woo is wrong. Trish is wrong. All of them are wrong again and again and again. After 25 minutes, Tasha and some of the others come back. Spencer wins immunity. Tasha was one off from the bamboo count for the longest amount of time.

They decide to split the vote on Trish and Tony. They try to pull the wool over Tony’s eyes. She’s too calm. It makes Tony paranoid. Tony tells everyone that he will use the idol tonight.

He’s our Russel Hantz.

Kass rethinks her strategy because Tony is a douchebag. The jury rarely gives the money to DBs, and since Tony is such a big one, Kass thinks she could win against Tony in the vote.

It’s time for tribal. Tony says that Tash wasn’t scrambling as much as before. It worried him. Woo says that they need to flush out the idol. Kass thinks that it’s going to be a blindside.

We’re going to find out what’s in his bag of tricks after a long time.

I would be paranoid if I had a bag of tricks.

Tony doesn’t play his immunity idol. They failed to flush it out.

Votes to Evict

Tony Tasha
Trish Tasha
Woo Tasha
Kass Tasha
Tasha Trish
Spencer Tony

Tasha is voted out by a 4-1-1 vote.

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