Survivor Cagayan Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back S28E12 (CBS)

The plan to get rid of Tony got sidetracked because Kass realized that taking him to the end would be great because no one would vote for him. Spencer wants to know why. The others tell him that they already had an alliance.

I’m playing the game with people who understand it so little.

The next morning, Woo and Tony are talking about their final three. Woo tells Tony all that went down. Tony is planning of getting rid of Woo because if he goes to the final three, he might win.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They will dive into a pit of mud. Then scrape it off after going through a course. The person with the most mud at the end will win get pizza delivered to their camp. It’s pretty funny. Tony is in the lead. They don’t even need to weigh the bucket. He wins. He chooses Trish to join.

They fill themselves up. Tony is piling it in. Tony tells Trish that he has both idols. He tells her about the special power idol.

It was stupid of Woo to tell Tony, but it was even stupider of Tony to tell me.

Tony wants to solidify his alliance with Kass and confronts her about trying to woo Woo. She wants to show that everyone that Tony is a bully.

Chaos Kass is back.

She confronts Woo. She stirs it up a bit. It might work but it might not. She wants the alliance a bit paranoid. Later she talks with Woo and Spencer. They say that they should vote for Trish, who’s a goat. Trish overhears this.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will race to untangle a key from a braided rope. They will unlock ladder runs that will build a ladder. They will use planks to build a staircase. When they reach the top, they must solve a Survivor sliding puzzle.

Tony’s got the key first. Trish is next followed by Kass. Spencer has it. Tony has got 5 in. Spencer is at 3. Kass hasn’t started. Tony has 7. He’s got them all. He starts working on the stairs. Spencer has 2 pieces left. He’s up. Tony has got a big lead. He’s got a plank left. He’s on the top. He’s working on the puzzle. Woo comes up, followed by Kass. Spencer is at the puzzle. He’s methodical. Tony is just shuffling them around. Spencer wins immunity.

Back at camp, Trish confronts Kass about her goat comment.

She looked like Skeletor with her freaking big blue eyes popping out and her skeleton fingers pointing at me.

Tony has to make more fake promises to Trish and Woo. Woo doesn’t believe him anymore. Woo thinks he has to make a move, but Tony will be hard to beat because of his idols. Woo tells Kass that he will vote out Trish tonight.

Tony sees them talking. He tries to see what’s up.

It’s time for tribal. Kass tells all about Trish.

The minute we got back to camp, Trish railed into me like a freaking wild skeleton blue-eyed banshee.

She was showing us her capacity for hatred.

I didn’t predict that psycho-bitch would come out today.

Tony talks about his craziness at camp and his emotions. He sounds out of control.

It’s medication time.

I’m that foreign exchange student who gets shot down every time.

Tony brings out his idols. He’s such an idiot. He has to use them anyway.

Votes to Evict

Tony Trish
Trish Kass
Woo Trish
Kass Trish
Spencer Trish

Tony uses his idol on himself. What a dummy! Trish is voted out. Kass flips her off as she leaves. Tony actually voted for Trish as well. I guess that’s why he didn’t use his idol on her. It’s probably because of jury votes. She would have gotten more votes than he would have if she would have made it into the final three.

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