Survivor Cagayan It’s Do or Die S28E13-14 (CBS)

The tribe comes back and Tony says that he voted for Trish. He says he voted strategically. Trish wasn’t a good choice to take to the final four.

Tony keeps talking about the idols that he has. Spencer is worried, because Tony says that it guarantees him a place in the final 3. He’s lying his ass off. If he doesn’t win immunity, he is going to be worried, and especially if his bluff doesn’t pan out. A boat is arriving in the distance. They get a visit from their loved ones.

Tony was looking for his wife, but he got his best friend Arnold. His wife is with his 4-month-old baby. Woo’s cousin, Kass’ husband, and Spencer’s sister are here as well.

They all leave for the immunity challenge. They will be perched on top of a pole in the ocean. They will use a bucket tied to a rope to elevate a key. They key will unlock a puzzle. Tony is in the lead. Spencer is behind him. Kass is just pouring it back into the ocean. Tony gets the key first. Tony doesn’t jump in because he can’t swim. Spencer is close enough and he dives in. They are close. Woo has got his key. Kass is last. Kass’ rope is stuck on the pole. She has to climb down to unhook it. Kass has her key. Kass is making up some time. It’s between Kass and Spencer now. She wins immunity! What a comeback.

To lose like a braindead weasel like Kass, that was almost too much.

Spencer tells Tony that it’s going to be a final 2 this year, not a final 3. Both Woo and Kass would choose each other. He tells Tony that the only way to get to the finals is to choose him.

It’s time for tribal. Tony puts an idol around his neck. Spencer makes his case for a final two.

Votes to Evict

Tony Spencer
Woo Spencer
Spencer Woo
Kass Spencer

Tony reveals before the vote that his idol is useless. Spencer was voted out by a 3-1 vote.

Back at camp, the mood is depressing because there is another immunity challenge tomorrow. Kass tells Woo that they can’t let Tony win.

It’s time for the final immunity challenge. It’s really impressive. They will race through a maze of turnstiles to collect four medallions, which open a chest that contain cogs. These cogs, when arranged correctly, will work together to raise a flag. Tony and Woo are at the first station. Kass is at an other one. Tony is in the lead. Woo is following Tony. Kass has her second medallion. Tony and Woo have been circling the same station for a while. They are finally there. Kass is going out for her third. Woo is second. Tony is last. Tony is second now. Kass has the third one. She’s in the lead. She’s got one left.

Everyone is looking for the last medallion. Tony and Woo have seperated. Woo has got the fourth medallion. Tony is at the same station. Woo is heading back. He’s in the lead. Kass hasn’t got the fourth one. Woo has got his chest open. He’s working on the cogs. Tony is close behind. Kass is back with the last medallion.

Tony is stuck. He’s copying Woo. Kass is catching up. Woo is close. Woo wins immunity by a second over Kass. Woo gets to choose between Kass and Tony.

Back at camp, Tony doesn’t waste any time working on Woo. It’s a weak argument. Kass works her magic. She’s pretty convincing. She compares him to Fabio, the surfer dude who won Survivor. She finds it intolerable.

It’s time for tribal council. Kass can’t get over her loss. Tony wants Woo to play the loyalty card. Woo doesn’t want to hear from Kass and Tony. He just wants to get to the vote. Woo took Tony and voted out Kass. That was a million-dollar mistake. He could have had a chance against Kass, but against Tony, he’ll lose. Woo is Tony’s underling, nothing more.

Back at camp, they rejoice at being in the final two. Woo says that it wouldn’t have been right to go against a weaker player, like Kass, and win. WTF. That’s the game! He’s an idiot.

The next morning, our two idiots start cooking up the Survivor breakfast. They both don’t know how to cook, so they just put everything together. Tony finds a clue and is up to his usual mischief. He finds a mirror and a scale. He lots 21 lbs. Woo thinks he looks fine. He lost 19 lbs. Woo thinks that he has a 50% chance of winning the money. He doesn’t. He won’t.

It’s time for the final tribal council. Woo’s opening speech is way better than Tony’s, who just thanks Woo for taking him to the final. Maybe I read this wrong. Woo has a better chance of winning that I initially had thought. Maybe not.

Sarah says that she might not be able to write Tony’s name down because he broke a promise. It’s not looking good for Woo. Jeremiah asks him if he has a wife and baby. This is because he swore on his wife and baby. Balding JL just looks exasperated. Kass can’t understand why Woo took Tony. Woo lost her vote pretty definitely. Woo tells Trish that it was his idea to blindside her. Trish is royally pissed at Tony for voting her out because she has been working hard at keeping his alliance together the whole game. She puts him in his place when he comes up with some BS excuses. That was good.

I can’t help but make the comparison between your gameplay and the behavior of a dog.

Spencer makes a speech for Tony’s win. It would be unfair for them to vote for Woo, who just rode in on Tony’s coattails.

Votes to Win

JL Tony
Jeremiah Tony
Morgan Tony
Sarah Tony
Jefra Tony
Tasha Woo
Trish Tony
Spencer Tony
Kass Tony

Tony wins the title of Sole Survivor by a vote of 8-1.

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