2014 in Books

2013 in books was lost due to a HD malfunction, but I have been recording the books that I read on my other computer. I had my ups and downs in reading, and I did spend time rereading books that I had already read before. I was able to find most of Roberto Bolano’s novels in epub format, which is simply great. The Peripheral was definitely a great read from William Gibson.

I spent the last part of the year rereading Peter F. Hamilton’s Commonwealth books, from the Commonwealth saga to the Void Trilogy. This happened only a few months after I had finished the The Abyss Beyond Dreams, which I also reread as my first book of 2015. The Rifters trilogy from Peter Watts was also a rediscovery, as I had read Starfish before, but didn’t get hooked. The first two novels helped set the setting and it was a very good read.

I managed to read 34 books this year, which is down from previous years, but I did spend some weeks not reading. It doesn’t help that I tend to read very long books. I’m hoping to beat my record of 85 books from 2011 this year.

Colors in Space – Marion Bradley
The Prefect – Alastair Reynolds
Thousandth Night – Alastair Reynolds
House of Suns -Alastair Reynolds
The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman
Transition – Iain M. Banks
Cyberblood – Johnathan Armsbary
Burning Chrome – William Gibson
Mona Lisa Overdrive – William Gibson
Count Zero – William Gibson
Chasm City – Alastair Reynolds
Doctor Who – Harvester of Time Alastair Reynolds
Children of Men – PD James
The Pilgrimage of the Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki – Haruki Murakami
MaddAddam – Adrienne Clarkson
A Game of Thrones – George RR Martin
A Clash of Kings -George RR Martin
A Storm of Swords – George RR Martin
A Feast for Crows – George RR Martin
A Dance with Dragons – George RR Martin
Lock In – John Scalzi
The Abyss Beyond Dreams – Peter F Hamilton
Blindsight – Peter Watts
Echopraxia – Peter Watts
Starfish – Peter Watts
The Peripheral – William Gibson
Maelstrom – Peter Watts
Behemoth – Peter Watts
Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
Pandora’s Star – Peter F. Hamilton
Judas Unchained – Peter F. Hamilton
The Dreaming Void – Peter F. Hamilton
The Temporal Void – Peter F. Hamilton
The Evolutionary Void – Peter F. Hamilton

book count: 34

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