TPE ✈ MNL ✈ DGT From Rain to Sun


I did not arrive late at the airport this time. I had plenty of time to kill before my initial flight to Manila from Taipei. I decided not to sleep in order to avoid a neck ache. I’m too tall for these small seats on these flights but it’s not for long. The Taipei airport has free Wi-Fi now which surprised me. The same was true for Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

That airport seemed a lot less hellish than last year. Lots of renovations and modernizations. I snagged a Globe SIM card which promised me unlimited data for 500 php (~$11 US) for my entire stay (11 days). But before that, on the plane, I snatched a cunning plan to get me some local currency. I had a late departure after work and all the banks and currency exchanges were closed.

I paid for a meal in TWD and got back enough Philippine pesos  to get me where I wanted, but it was all for nothing because foreign exchanges were open in Manila even at 4AM.


On the flight to Dumaguete they made me check my backpack. They didn’t on my international flight but I was past caring.

I had too many layers on and took them off in a smelly bathroom. I met some students from Vancouver here to party. On the flight to Dumaguete I lapsed in and out of wakefulness.

By the time I got into a cab, who naturally overcharged me, I was nearing exhaustion but the excitement of being somewhere new re-energized me.


I arrived at Harold’s Mansion and organized my room reservation. $12US got me a double bed with air-conditioning with a private bath. I thought I needed it. My open water scuba diving class begins tomorrow morning.

I met some young Québécois while eating my breakfast and waiting for my room to be readied. They had been travelling for a few months and were planning on going to Borneo, Indonesia, and back to Thailand before going home.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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