The White Sand Beaches of Anda, Bohol, Philippines


After having completed my Open Water Diver Scuba Certification, I decided to join some friends on the search for some new beaches.


I had spent 4-5 days in Dumaguete and it was time to move on. Gabby, a dive instructor, told us about Anda on Bohol,  and island 2 hours away by boat. Anda is a village filled with resorts because of its picturesque white sand beaches.

The diving was fun, but it was time for a change of pace. Some time spent lounging on beautiful beaches seemed like a good idea. We took the ferry from Dumaguete to Tagbilaran, using the Ocean Jet ferry. It cost 700 php per person, and the seas were quite choppy on the way there. I didn’t feel sick, but I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. The feeling subsided after 20 minutes.

In Tagbilaran, we spent the night at the El Portal Inn, which cost us 995 php. Since I was sharing with a friend, it was even cheaper. Tagbilaran is a smaller city, with about 90000 inhabitants. I noticed the next day that the food at the Garden Cafe, which was staffed by deaf people, had made me sick. I had a bit of food poisoning, but was fine after a puke and some diarrhea. We took a bus the next day to Anda. The trip was alright, but the bus was full, and the seats were for smaller people. It costs 100 php to reach Anda, and they made us pay to put our backpacks in the trunk (25 pesos). On the way back, they didn’t charge us that. We paid the foreigner price.


In Anda, we walked around, came across some Germans, who told us about a small place called Little Rooms. A small cabin, with aircon, costs 500 pesos a night. You have to share bathrooms, but it was a good deal. We were right on the beach. We spent the rest of the afternoon with the Germans, and then went back to the cabins, which were right on the beach.


Anda has a population of about 16,000 that was stretched all along the main road. There are plenty of resorts that try to exploit the white sand beaches. There are some diving places as well. Courses look cheap enough, but some divers told us that you had to swim somewhat further to see marine life.

The available eateries were small. My friend got sick eating from the main market, and had food poisoning as well. It took him a day to feel better. We stuck to fruits, and simple meals before we left.

The place is quite nice, but your time there will depend on how good the weather is. We were there for 2 nights, and might have stayed longer if the weather was good. It rained, and even by the time we left, there were still some showers.

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