Casaroro Falls and The Twin Lakes, Negros Oriental, Philippines


I arrived back in Dumaguete on Wednesday, took a while to get settled and planned out the next few days. Since I had spent my time here scuba diving, I hadn’t explored the surroundings much. I planned to go on a day trip to the Casaroro Falls and The Twin Lakes.


I rented a motorcycle at Joy Rides for 150 php for a half day (6h). It wasn’t exactly at the place where I was told it would be, and I ended up in some shanties. They were just about to start begging when I asked for directions and took a tricycle to the OK Pension House. Tricycle rates in most Filipino cities are 8 php per ride during the daytime, and 10 php at night, no matter what you’ve been told. Apparently there were plenty of motorcycle rental places there. I checked around and was finally told where Joy was. It took him a few minutes before he agreed to rent me a motorcycle. He was mainly worried that I didn’t have a license and that if the Filipino police stopped me, they could impound the motorcycle. International driving licenses are valid here, as are foreign driving licenses, for up to 3 months. If you come across a roadblock, you can have your motorcycle impounded. The shop will charge you about 4000 php for this. I’m sure you can also bribe your way out of trouble, but this happened to a couple that I met last week, so it’s worth mentioning.


I went to Valencia first and then onward to the Casaroro Falls. The path down to the falls was steep but clear. The path near the falls wasn’t maintained at all, so I could just see the small falls and pools. It was slightly disappointing, but the way up was exhausting as well as rewarding. I was a bit on edge because I had seen two small snakes moving about in the jungle, slithering their way onto the concrete pathway. I was just startled, but being alone in the jungle was freaky. Back on the bike, I took a way that avoided the main highway to the Twin Lakes.


The entrance fee was 112php. The way to the lakes was about 13.5km from the National Road. I saw a 9-10 yo girl wearing makeup who tried to stop me on the road in the mountain. I just sped on. The road to the actual lakes was the best part, and naturally free of charge. You can take a boat from the first lake to the second, and do some water activities, but I just moved on.


The lakes were okay. It wasn’t as impressive as Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. The drive there was interesting. It took me all around and over the hills and mountains.


At the Twin Lakes, I naturally found some sexpats. On the way back, I took a lot of photos.


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