Misplaced Allegiance (NBC)

There has been a lack of good spy thriller shows for a while now, and thanks to a few new ones, like Allegiance on NBC, the genre is making a strong comeback. Allegiance is based on the Israeli TV show The Gordin Cell.

The immediate feel of the show is that it is misplaced in time. Instead of the modern era, it should have been placed in the Cold War era. Since there is already an American TV show that is centered in that time, The Americans, and that Allegiance is already too similar to The Americans, it made sense for the producers to put it into the modern era.

Both shows center on Russian spies emigrating to the USA as long-term, deep cover assets. What differentiates them from other spy thrillers is that they are centered around a family, in which some are spies. In Allegiance, this is confounded by the fact that Alex, the middle child, an adult son of the spies, is an analyst with the CIA. Logic dictates that he was groomed by his parents as an intelligence asset early on so that he would take on this kind of work, however, it went wrong because Alex seems to have the autism spectrum disorder, or at least a mild form of autism, that has polarized his mindset since childhood.

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