Chappie Movie Review

While the name of this movie is initially quite off-putting, it’s a lot better than that. The great part of the movie is to see Ninja and YoLandi Visser in a title role. However, they are playing quite stupid characters, especially YoLandi’s reasoning for kidnapping the lead programmer of the Scout police robots.

I found the political and law enforcement situation in Johannesburg quite interesting. The Scout robots were quick and fast to deploy, helping the human SWAT and ARU teams to deal with the heavily armed gangs.

However, I thought that the mannerisms of Chappie were a bit over the top. He was rubbing his “nose” a lot too often, and his gangster walk was ludicrous. Maybe that was the point.

There are some definite science-fiction elements to this movie, like being able to duplicate actual consciousness in a machine, transferring a human’s consciousness onto a USB hard drive, etc. These elements are a long time in the future, and were slightly mismatched by the technology of the 2016.

The movie was entertaining to watch, but we should have seen more of the situation in Johannesburg, with the Scout robots acting in the city. That made it feel like a futuristic Robocop.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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