The Harry Bosch Novels By Michael Connelly

It’s not like Michael Connelly is a new name in detective novels, but it took the Amazon TV series Bosch for me to take another look at this prolific author. Years ago, I had read Bloodwork. It must have been around the time that the Clint Eastwood movie came out. Since I had enjoyed the TV series Bosch, I decided to start reading the Harry Bosch novels. I enjoy complex mysteries, like Hercules Poirot, and right from the start, Bosch was my kind of detective.

It was strange reading a novel that featured locations which I had actually recently visited in real life, like the Cuchi Tunnels near Saigon in Vietnam. Harry Bosch served in Vietnam, and was a tunnel rat. He spent time in the same tunnels that I visited earlier this year.

There are 19 novels in this series, which I quickly devoured. Through the interwoven storylines, Connelly refers to the movies that were based on some of his books, like Bloodwork and The Lincoln Lawyer. The detective was able to purchase his house on stilts in Laurel Canyon after being a consultant for a movie that was based on The Black Echo. The debut book was never turned into a real movie, but it is referred to as such in the series of books. This is an interesting way of referring to work that is based on books, and referencing them in multiple stories. I have trouble of remembering other authors that have done the same.

Each book is separated by at least a year, and as time goes by, Harry Bosch changes. He changes positions in the LAPD, gets married and divorced, and even ends up having children.

Although I have also read through the Mickey Haller novels, and almost everything else Connelly had written this year, I have been missing Bosch ever since I finished the series. The Crossing, the next Bosch novel, is coming out in October. Bosch has long lived out his DROP contract with the LAPD, and is now an investigator for the prosecutor’s office.

It was somewhat surreal reading about Bosch investigating McCaleb’s death in The Narrows. If you enjoy complex detective novels, then you should most definitely try out a Bosch novel.

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