2015 KTM Super Duke 1290 R Week 2

I started out the week by going to wash my bike. It is a relaxing task, albeit a sweaty one. Once the beast was clean, I took it home. I decided against riding it to my weekly tutoring session, as it was somewhat slower than anticipated, compared to my scooter. Anyway, the city driving in Sanchong is ludicrous, probably the worst that I’ve seen in Taiwan, especially on Zhengyi North Road, so it was probably safer to leave the beast at home.

On Thursday, I woke up later than expected, so I took out the beast on a ride to the mountains. The 64 led me towards Bali, and I took a turn onto the Guanyinshan mountain. It was a nice, quiet ride up the mountain, and I stopped when I reached the visitor’s center of the national park. I drove up a small path, but decided that due to my poor turning circle, it would be best to leave this to hikers and supermotos.

On Friday, I took an epic ride to Yamingshan. I made the mistake of going through Shihlin, and I naturally got turned off because of the regulations on Yande road up the mountain. After a few turnarounds, I went on it anyway, as scooters and motorcycles are exempt of these rules. Anyway, I had a pillion passenger. The ride up was very nice. We took a break at the top, and then drove onto Jinshan, where we had lunch. The ride down the mountain was more exciting, but there was some traffic. From Jinshan, we took the road 2 all around the north west of Taiwan, past Baishawan and Danshui to get back to Taipei.

There was a weekend ride planned but it fell through.

Odometer: 753km





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