2015 KTM Super Duke 1290 R Weeks 8-10

Photo by Erick Lin

When the typhoon hit, I didn’t go out on my bike. It was the same this weekend. Although I could have gone out yesterday, when the weather was nice, I was a bit too tired from the work week. I did go wash my bike this week.

Last week, I went on a long ride to Yilan on the 9. This was my first ride on the mountain roads after the typhoon. The main roads were clear, but there was still some damage, some mud on the roads, meaning that I couldn’t really push it hard. I arrived early in Yilan, ate some breakfast, and then left to take the 7. Instead of going on the 7, I took the 7 Ding, which was a very nice road, but it ended up going nowhere. I lost about 30 minutes, and got back on track. The 7 looked quite nice from the outset in Yilan. It’s a nice, winding road, that has got some very fast bits. Unfortunately, when I got onto the cross Taiwan forestry road section, it all changed. This road is a forestry road, meaning that it’s almost single lane most of the way, it’s winding, hasn’t been cleared up completely since the typhoon, and even had some mudslides and large potholes. My average speed was pretty low, but the scenery was nice once I got up to the mountain. Still, it’s 110 km from Yilan to Sanxia, and it took me quite a while. I arrived in Sanxia at 1:30PM. It had also started raining in the mountains, and I was once again riding in the rain home from Yilan.

I think it was still a good experience, since I got to see the forestry roads. It’s not something that I’d do again, if I can avoid it, especially on the Super Duke. There are many slow hairpin bends, which make keeping up a decent pace difficult.

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