Spectre Review – James Bond 24


As I exited the IMAX theater, I left with mixed feelings about this James Bond movie. In my memory, Skyfall was a great James Bond movie, that I liked a lot. Casino Royale was also very good. Quantum of Solace was OK, but still not as bad as this.

To start off with, there is an amazing shot that starts the movie in Mexico. It’s a continuous shot, and quite a sight to see – in my mind, worth the price of admission to see on an IMAX screen, but nevertheless, the rest of the movie wasn’t that good. The writing was quite bad, lackluster. It follows a very predictable path. I can’t remember the last time that Bond (played by Craig) was acting under orders. He always seems to be operating off-books. It reminds me of License to Kill.

The introductory titles were also weird, Spectre portrayed as the giant vampire squid (Spectre is Goldman Sachs?). The action was paltry. There were a few chase scenes, nothing really that interesting. The plot and the writing is where this movie completely fails. The whole idea of a Big Brother-like system being brought online by the British government, the fact that Ernst Stavro Blofeld was so easy to find, and more than once too, was kind of ludicrous.

While it wasn’t awesome, there were some good moments. There are rumors now that Craig will reprise the role for the next movie. Hopefully, it will be better written than this.





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