2015 Jabra Sport Coach Earphones Review

After my last promo pair of earphones crapped out, and I decided that it was too tedious to go through a replacement policy, I went and finally got myself some Bluetooth earphones. I wanted good ones, but not too expensive. I settled on the Jabra Sport Coach Earphones. They were available locally for $105.

Having no wires on earphones seems silly at first, but it makes your earphones independent from your phone’s location. This is something that was bugging me a lot with my previous earphones. They were attached to my phone. I’ve dropped my phone more than once because of the cords of the earphones getting snagged somewhere. I am using a Lifeproof case, and the provided extender is tedious to use. Once I charged up the Jabras, it was amazing.

I listened to more music than before, organized my music on my laptop, and continually added more music so that the shuffle function on my phone wasn’t one-sided. They also stayed in my ears during my workouts. I had no problems with slippage or needing to constantly adjust them. Once they are in, they are in and the music plays.

The Jabra Sport Coach comes with some software and sensors to track workouts. I used it a few times. I wasn’t impressed. I’d rather use Nike Running or Runkeeper to track my workouts. I’m glad I didn’t get the Jabra Pulse. It’s more expensive, but tracks heartrate. However, since I don’t use the Jabra software, I can see this being not that useful practically. Were I to get the earphones again, I’d get the basic version, if the earphones had the same specs.

The Sport Coach comes with included workouts and vocal cues on how to do them. I honestly don’t see them point. I generally do cardio + gym workouts, so it’s not really suited for my workouts. They are water-resistant, but not waterproof.

Pairing them with a phone is easy. I’ve had issues from time to time. Once, they completely faltered for about 20 minutes after my run. I was cooling down on the elliptical, so it didn’t affect me much. The earphones were fully charged up before the workout. They strangely started working again after 20 minutes.

I’ve had issues with the buttons being unresponsive or not connecting to the phone. This happens from time to time. Recently, the volume buttons have faltered. Yesterday, the connect button didn’t even work. However, they all started working again after a few days.

I haven’t been able to update them to the latest firmware on Mac. It was a frustrating experience. The earphones shut down during the update process, repeatedly. I stopped trying but this hasn’t diminished my experience in using them.

Jabra says that these earphones are good for 5 hours of play time. That’s not much. I’d have preferred 8-10 hours. That would mean a whole day without having to worry. Five hours is cutting it close, especially if you spend 3 hours at the gym. I use them every day. I’ve exhausted the battery life a few times in the last few months. This happened at the gym a few times. I’ve toyed with the idea of DIYing a charging pouch using an external battery for when I don’t have time to charge them.

Recently, I’ve noticed that even if I charge them the night before, they run out of juice during the day when I’m not using them. They don’t completely lose a charge. It’s just a bit, it’s not much, but with such a small battery life, it affects the performance. I’ve had to charge them twice a day more than once to keep me going.

The iOS battery interface in the notifications pane is really useful. It will tell you how much of a charge is left in the earphones, approximated to 10%. The Jabra app gives more detail, but honestly, it feels a bit clunky. I already track my workouts with some tried software that works well. I don’t need to track with more apps.

All in all, I definitely enjoy having these around. They are always with me, and I use them many times during the day. When everything is working good, they connect almost immediately with my phone and the music starts to play. The design of these more fitness orientated earphones fits my ears very well. They haven’t slipped much. The design has these removable and adjustable wings, which prop them well in your ears. They don’t move around much, even when you’re running fast.


They broke down last Thursday, the 4th of February, about 1.5 months after I purchased them. This is how I got a new pair.





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