2015 in Books

It was an interesting reading year. I finally managed to read more than 100 books in a year. It was challenging to say the least. However, it kept me focused. From time to time, I didn’t read as much. I kept away from reading multiple books at once. I only did this from time to time when the book I was reading wasn’t that good.

I started the year by reading old favorites. As I had managed to get my hands on Houellebecq’s books, I started reading them too. I enjoyed them. Soumission was kind of ironic and funny at the same time. Then, after having watched the first season of Harry Bosch, I started reading Michael Connelly. I’m not sure why I hadn’t read his books before or why they didn’t hook me before, but I have to say that I really enjoyed reading about Bosch. It was weird reading about him being in the Cuchi tunnels in Vietnam, the same tunnels I had visited earlier that year.

There are many Bosch novels. I read through them very quickly. Mickey Haller and Terry McCaleb were also taken care off quite quickly. It led me to the release of the latest Bosch book, The Crossing.

Seveneves by Neal Stephenson was also memorable. I reread and finally finished the Abarat trilogy. I remember why I stopped reading it. It wasn’t very good towards the end. However, I liked Clive Barker’s new book, The Scarlet Gospels. I discovered Charles Stross, Cixin Liu, James SA Corey, Karl Schroeder and a few other authors.

Luna by Ian Macdonald and Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson were good reads. The debut of the Syfy TV show The Expanse led me to read the Expanse novels in one go. They were very good. I’m not exactly sure how Sun of Suns ended up in my queue, I must have read the name somewhere, but I was surprised at how badly the book started. It was confusing. Still, after the first few chapters, the story became more focused and interesting. The way that Schroeder talked about an AI that lost consciousness because of the slowness of its distributed processing power was very intriguing. It led to finishing Poseidon’s Children series by Alastair Reynolds.

Alastair Reynolds has always been one of my favorite authors. However, I disliked his series Poseidon’s Children. Poseidon’s Wake had some redeeming qualities, so I went back and read On the Steel Breeze. I think I had skipped reading this book. Ultimately, I’m glad he’s done with this and hopefully his next series will be better.

Reynolds’ last book also had some alien AIs that eschewed consciousness, purposefully or not. All in all, it was a good year in reading. I’m pretty sure I’ll continue reading as much as before. It was good for my mind.

The Abyss Beyond Dreams – by Peter F. Hamilton
The Man in the High Castle – by Philip K. Dick
MaddAddam – by Margaret Atwood
Revelation Space – by Alastair Reynolds
Chasm City – by Alastair Reynolds
Redemption Ark – by Alastair Reynolds
Absolution Gap – by Alastair Reynolds
Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days – by Alastair Reynolds
Galactic North – by Alastair Reynolds
La carte et le territoire – by Michel Houellebecq
Les particules élémentaires – by Michel Houellebecq
La possibilité d’une île – by Michel Houellebecq
Plateforme – by Michel Houellebecq
Extension du domaine de la lutte – by Michel Houellebecq
Soumission – by Michel Houellebecq
Woes of the True Policeman – by Roberto Bolano
By Night in Chile – by Roberto Bolano
The Kill Order – by James Dashner
The Maze Runner – by James Dashner
The Scorch Trials – by James Dashner
The Death Cure – by James Dashner
The Last Dragonslayer – by Jasper Fforde
The Black Ice – by Michael Connelly
The Black Echo – by Michael Connelly
The Concrete Blonde – by Michael Connelly
The Last Coyote – by Michael Connelly
Trunk Music – by Michael Connelly
Angel’s Flight – by Michael Connelly
A Darkness More Than Night – by Michael Connelly
City of Bones – by Michael Connelly
Lost Light – by Michael Connelly
The Narrows – by Michael Connelly
The Closers – by Michael Connelly
Echo Park – by Michael Connelly
The Overlook – by Michael Connelly
Nine Dragons – by Michael Connelly
The Drop – by Michael Connelly
The Black Box – by Michael Connelly
The Burning Room – by Michael Connelly
The Brass Verdict – by Michael Connelly
The Reversal – by Michael Connelly
The Fifth Witness – by Michael Connelly
The Gods of Guilt – by Michael Connelly
The Lincoln Lawyer – by Michael Connelly
Void Moon – by Michael Connelly
Chasing the Dime – by Michael Connelly
Blood Work – by Michael Connelly
The Poet – by Michael Connelly
The Scarecrow – by Michael Connelly
Seveneves – by Neal Stephenson
La Trilogie Nikopol – by Enki Bilal
La Tétralogie Hatzfeld – by Enki Bilal
Station Eleven – by Emily St. John Mandel
The Scarlet Gospels – by Clive Barker
The Safe Man – by Micheal Connelly
Abarat – by Clive Barker
Abarat: Days of Magic Nights of War – by Clive Barker
Abarat: Absolute Midnight – by Clive Barker
Code – by Paul Ford
Skyeater – by J. Alex McCarthy
Armada – by Ernest Cline
The End of All Things – by John Scalzi
Saturn’s Children – by Charles Stross
Neptune’s Brood – by Charles Stross
Under Different Stars – by Amy A. Bartol
Sea of Stars – by Amy A. Bartol
The Three Body Problem – by Cixin Liu
The Dark Forest – by Cixin Liu
Ready Player One – by Ernest Cline
Darth Paper Strikes Back – by Tom Angleberger
The Family Trade – by Charles Stross
The Hidden Family – by Charles Stross
The Clan Corporate – by Charles Stross
The Merchants’ War – by Charles Stross
The Revolution Business – by Charles Stross
The Trade of Queens – by Charles Stross
Luna – by Ian Macdonald
Aurora – by Kim Stanley Robinson
The Crossing – by Micheal Connelly
Limitless (The Dark Fields) – by Alan Glynn
The Martian – by Andy Weir
Leviathan Wakes – by James SA Corey
2 Years 8 Months & 28 Days – by Salman Rushdie
Caliban’s War – by James SA Corey
Abaddon’s Gate – by James SA Corey
Cibola Burn – by James SA Corey
Nemesis Games – by James SA Corey
Archivist Wasp – by Nicole Kornher Stace
Angle of Investigation – by Michael Connelly
Bit Rot – by Charles Stross
Gods of Risk – by James SA Corey
The Churn – by James SA Corey
The Butcher of Anderson Station – by James SA Corey
Brasyl – by Ian Macdonald
Slow Bullets – by Alastair Reynolds
Poseidon’s Wake – by Alastair Reynolds
Edge of Infinity – Story collection
The Fifth Heart – by Dan Simmons
Sun of Suns – by Karl Schroeder
Queen of Candesce – by Karl Schroeder
Pirate Sun – by Karl Schroeder
The Sunless Countries – by Karl Schroeder
Total count: 102

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