2015 Jabra Sport Coach Bluetooth Earphones Update & Warranty Claims In Asia

I noticed some strange behavior in the last week or so with the Jabra Sport Coach. They would mysteriously disconnect from my phone. Reconnect some time later. The charge would last about an hour instead of five. The volume buttons weren’t responsive anymore.

Until they finally broke last Thursday, February 4th, about 1.5 months after I had purchased them. Companies are always very understanding when you connect with them over social media. I found that Jabra Support was great, but still, this situation needed to be resolved very quickly. I use earphones all of the time, and the Jabras were my go to earphones for now. Most of the other ones I have are broken or not suitable for workouts.

Even though Friday was a busy day, I went to the Guan Hua computer market near Zhongxiao Xinsheng to get a replacement. In Taiwan, with a receipt, you can get a full refund of your purchase within a year. Without a receipt, you can still get a replacement. I opted to get a replacement pair. The salesclerk didn’t want to give me a replacement. Unfortunately for him, I knew my rights and started making a fuss. This works very well in Asia. He wanted to send it back to Jabra and have me wait for a replacement pair. This isn’t how the law works. The shop has to give you a replacement immediately, if they have it in stock.

I didn’t have to make too much of a fuss, but I did insist on getting a new pair immediately. I’ve used this in order to get replacements for a broken Camelbak Antitode reservoir and broken Nike Air Max shoes. For the shoes, the store had them sent back to Nike, who decided to offer me a new pair. It was a reasonable delay. I wasn’t expecting much, because I had broken the Flywire on one side in a motorcycle accident. It wasn’t usual wear and tear or a defect. For the Camelbak, I made a real fuss because the store didn’t want to do anything. They were saying I could buy a new pair. I think I traumatized the salesclerk because I wasn’t going to be tricked into this.

There’s nothing worse when you use your hard-earned money to buy something, which breaks after a short time. It feels like you’ve been cheated or tricked, and I never stand for this. I always get what’s due to me. You should too.





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