Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Last week, I went to one of the gaming stores situated at the Taipei Main Station underground mall. They’re all in the same area, and I usually park around the entrance of Y13. I preordered the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game, as I wanted to make sure to have a copy for the weekend. It was scheduled to be released on Friday.

Unlike for what I did with Assassin’s Creed: Origins, I got the gold edition which includes the season pass. While I don’t agree with Ubisoft’s policy of releasing extra equipment packs that aren’t part of the season pass, I thought that the season pass was still good value, as I clocked in about 125 hours of gameplay with AC: Origins (including all of the DLCs).

I had no problems picking up a copy that Friday. I played a few hours that same night. It’s quite good, but many of the immediately acquired skills, like overpower attacks, predator bow shots, now need to be purchased with ability points as you level up. Currently, I’m at level 17 and I can finally headshot enemies and kill them with one shot. It’s down to how you make your character build. In my current build, I focused on hunter and assassin skills. I actually reset the skill points at level 16 because I felt I had just not placed the ability points in the right places.

The game is quite beautiful. I’m playing on a 49″ LG 4K HDR UHD with a PS4 Pro. A few months ago, I decided to get a PS4 Pro because getting games for my Xbox One was just a pain in Taiwan. There are just way more choices available for PS4. I haven’t regretted it. The game is visually stunning. The camera movement is a lot faster than Origins. Every menu screen looks awesome.

Getting used to the new, tweaked combat system has taken a few days. I’m still kind of annoyed that there aren’t any predator bows. There’s the predator shot hunter ability which is supposed to be similar, but it was a big part of my enjoyment of Origins and I am sad not to find it in Odyssey. Each use of the predator shot ability uses adrenaline, so you either have to wait until you get more or just find different tactics.

For the rest of the melee system, it’s similar or almost the same as Origins. You always end up getting to a point where you have to parry incoming hits, or you’ll just be overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies. As for the assassin gameplay, it’s great as usual. This time around, you can start assassinating as soon as you begin the game.

The storyline is quite good. I chose to play Kassandra because I liked playing Evie in AC: Syndicate. It seemed logical to back the Spartans in the beginning, until you start facing off with the Cult of Kosmos. The whole Cult storyline took me by surprise. I didn’t expect there to be a dedicated tab for them. The whole phylakes gameplay from Origins has been transformed into the Mercenary tab. You’re a mercenary and you have to fight your way up the ladder, facing off against other mercenaries as you level up. You’ll come across high level mercs that you won’t able to kill yet, but unless you have a high bounty, they won’t pursue you.

The game feels huge. I’ve put in 25 hours so far and I’ve only been on Phokis and Megaris after Kephallonia. There are many more islands to discover. I never relish the naval part of the game, as I played AC: Rogue before and thought I was just OK. It’s been revamped and streamlined, making it more enjoyable and less of a hassle.

Overall, I’m quite happy with it.

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