Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Max Level & Onwards (1.07)

A few weeks ago, I hit the max level of 50 in AC: Odyssey. At that point I was still not done with the main quest, but I’ve done so many side quests, gone around and visited many places that it was kind of a given. I have to say that whenever you hit the level cap in any game, it’s kind of sad, because there’s no longer any point in getting XP. Ubisoft promised players extra ability points for accumulating XP even after they hit level 50 once they increase the level cap. This happened last week with update 1.07.

I received 8 ability pts when I installed the new version (1.07) of the game. The level cap has been increased to 70. Perks go now to level 7. The Adrestia can be improved even more. There was also a new epic ship to hunt, as well as a new cyclops (the Lightbringer). I defeated both the same night I installed the update. Both were entertaining. The cyclops was more challenging than the previous cyclops. You receive a legendary bow as loot, which has the 20% extra armor & health perk.

I’m about 142 hours into the game (lvl 57). I’ve just finished the main storyline. It’s satisfying and I do the Orichalcum quests almost every day/week in order to spend it at Oikos’ store. I’ve done the Lost Tales is Greece and the Secrets of Greece. Once you pass that 100-hour mark, any game will have to pull out some interesting things to keep players hooked.

The new update includes a visual customization option which allows you to wear the best armor for you play style (which could be epic gear as it has better perks than legendary gear) and make it look like your favorite armor. I haven’t gotten all of the armor sets yet, and my build is a hunter, so I tend to wear the Artemis set or the Athenian War Hero set.

There’s a hint which appears while you’re waiting to load the game which gives a clue as to what they’ll do with the next mythical creatures. If you defeat these new creatures, which were shortly previewed in a trailer (another Medusa, etc) on a Hard difficultly, you’d be rewarded with a piece of the abomination set. Orichalcum will also drop once you defeat these creatures.

Now that I’m done with the many storyline as well as most of the interesting bits, I see myself playing it a lot less, that is until the DLCs drop. I’ll probably play each week to do the weekly quests and level up to 70. I’m at level 57.

AC:O was a good game. I think I liked Origins a little bit better, but overall it was a solid entry in the series. The combat was polished up, and the perk system was improved, the game was quicker and more responsive. Ubisoft was spotted scouting in Rome, so I think that the next game will be set there. Ubisoft has already said that they won’t release a new AC next year, so it’ll be 2020 when the next game releases.

The Daughters of Artemis quests (hunting the legendary beasts) were definitely great, but they ended weirdly. The mythical creatures were a high point. The storyline of Atlantis felt unfinished, but I think that was done on purpose because it’ll be the focus of the 2nd DLC.

The whole cultist plot was interesting. I had lots of fun hunting them down. The Phylakes system from Origins evolved into the Mercenary system, which I liked. The system seemed to spawn a lot of mercenaries wherever I was.






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