Game of Thrones S08E03 The Long Night Is The Worst GOT EP Ever

When I watched this episode, I thought it was OK. But the more I thought about it, the worse it got. It’s probably the worst GOT episode ever. It’s so far off the source material that it’s completely something else.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Plot armor. WTF. Since when has GOT become a show in which characters survive because of the plot? What set GOT apart from most American shows was that in ASOIAF, GRRM was never afraid to kill off main characters, because the story was told by so many different characters. Not anymore. Only the named characters survive. It’s ludicrous.

Some people seem to praise the cinematography and shots of the episode. WTF. Did we watch the same show? I could barely see what was going on. It was so dark. The stupid shaky camera action made it impossible to follow up what was happening. What’s the point of special effects and production values when you can discern anything?

I guarantee that when finally all of the books come out, Arya will not come flying out of nowhere and kill the Night King in one fell swoop. This has been building up for 8 seasons. This is how he dies? He doesn’t say a word, doesn’t raise his sword. He gets dispatched like a low grade character, like an extra. WTF was Bran doing? Warging? Into ravens? For 30 minutes? Jon Snow was just cornered by a dragon and never got near him. It was terrible. I actually LOLed when it happened. WTF.

Story wise, the last 2 seasons have been terrible. We can clearly see that they are improvising. They’ve got no fucking idea what to do. They should have waited until the books came out. Then at least we’d been treated to a real ending instead of this BS.

All that these two idiots (David Benioff and DB Weiss) keep going on about is their zombie polar bear. WTF. How about you get your dumb script approved by GRRM instead of giving us this BS? It’s totally trash. I’ve rarely seen such an anticlimactic ending. The white walker army is an ineffectual band of zombies. 99.9% of the Dothraki died in a stupid charge. Melisandre comes back from Volantis just to light some fires. Trebuchets and catapults are positioned in front of the grunts instead of being placed behind to support your troops.

And FML. Arya comes flying in out of nowhere to kill the Night King with a parlor trick because he’s just some DB that needs killing. WTF. Seriously, he’s surrounded by thousands of White Walkers and she can just fly over them, basically teleports in.

All in all, it’s by far the worst episode of GOT ever. The only solace I have, when it comes to GOT, is that it sounds like GRRM has finished his Winds of Winter manuscript.





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