The Expanse S04

I was pretty happy that Amazon Prime had picked up The Expanse for a 4th season. It’s quite a compelling show, and one of the few science fiction shows still on TV. To be honest, it had been so long since I had watched the show or read the books that I needed a recap before diving in.

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Five Metal Shop’s Calendar Project 2020 For Bujo & Journaling

This week, when it came time to figure out which notebooks I would use for journaling and planning, I came upon a wrapped calendar from Five Metal Shop. It was wrapped in a custom Tyvek bag. I looked at the sample and found it very interesting. The paper was like tracing paper, making the 366p calendar not very thick.

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Here’s to 2020 in a Cyberpunky Way

Happy New Year. Let’s just hope 2020 isn’t as dark as 2019 or/and not as dark as Cyberpunk 2020. Getting to my private class from work at 6pm on the 31st took an extra 30 minutes and this was heading out of the city. I can’t imagine how bad traffic and public transportation must have been like. It sounded bad already at around 4pm. We just ate a shitload of snacks and had some pink champagne.

Star Wars Marathon

I’m rewatching episodes 1 to 6 to hopefully erase the terribleness of the latest, recently completed trilogy. To think that ep 1 is fairly good compared to Rise of the Skywalker lmao. Rise of the Skywalker? WTF. Don’t even get me started. Angry Joe’s 2h28 rant on it was cathartic in a way.