Star Trek: Picard S01E03-04

The show is so far one of the best Star Trek shows ever made. It has the right mix of reminiscences and new, interesting plot lines to make watching this series quite invigorating. It’s great that we get to see what exactly happened 14 years ago, when Picard resigned from Starfleet. But the fact that the show is slowly letting you discover more subtle details is even better.

In these two episodes, Picard finally makes his way onto his quest. He finds a ship and a kind of ensemble crew, which continues to surprise me. The most interesting surprise was at the end of episode 4, when it was revealed that 7 of 9 was piloting the shuttle that saved Picard’s ship from marauders. I think that it will be a great addition, because this series seems to delve into the Borg, which is always great.

I’m curious to see where the show goes next. Needless to say, it’s a must for anyone who enjoys Star Trek.

Author: range

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