Destiny 2 Season of Dawn & into Season of the Worthy

Since I only started playing Destiny after getting bored by the lack of content in The Division 2, and that I usually play 3rd person shooters/games, Destiny definitely had a learning curve, especially when it came to PvP.

The one thing that I loved and that I still love about the game is the amount of content that’s available for anyone who started playing this game recently. The game has had lots of content that has been made available for free now, thanks to the game becoming free to play.

The road that I had foreseen for my gameplay was basically as an endgame PvE player, but as things go, some of the best guns are available through PvP (the Recluse), meaning that I had to play the crucible. Unlike The Division, I struggled to find a bunch of regular players to play with. Meaning that I mostly played by myself. Still, I managed to put in around 700 hours.

Towards the tail end of The Season of the Undying, I was grinding hard for the season’s weapons, like Exit Strategy and Randy’s Throwing Knife. At the same time, I was grinding for 21%. This MG was a must in order to complete high level nightfalls, especially when doing them solo.

So once Season of Dawn started, barely a week later, I took a break. The break lasted about 2 months. I logged on to purchase the exotic engrams from Xur, but that was about it. I naturally didn’t get the Undying seal, which was disappointing. Also, I never managed to complete the new raid, Garden of Salvation, because I just don’t have a regular crew. I got as far as the 3rd encounter before we had to stop.

I started playing again last week. It was pretty intense. I’m currently almost done catching up on all of the missions. I’ve finally gotten the Ace of Spades. I’m farming a few rolls on Blast Furnace, Hammerhead, Beloved, and Arc Logic. I’m hoping for an improvement over Season of Dawn. I wasn’t a fan of the Charged with Light BS. I’ve barely got once good set of PvE armor that’s been masterworked. I’m not a fan of how expensive it has become, in terms of in game materials, to masterwork armor.

This season, I want to do all of the raids, get better at PvP, and see how the Trials will play out this season.

Author: range

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