Star Trek Picard S01E05-06 Stardust City Rag & The Impossible Box


Well, now I guess we get to find out how 7 of 9 made her way into the narrative. There’s no denying that she was going to appear, since the Romulans are “excavating” an old Borg Cube. They’re searching for Bruce Maddox, the so-called creator of the new androids.

I guess that 7 isn’t staying around. Too bad, it would have been cool. At least she got her revenge. I had a feeling that the doc was a traitor. It looks like she betrayed Maddox because she has been shown the reason why the ban on artifice life has been put in place.

So Picard knows the location of Soji and he’s heading there. She’s on the Artifact, the capturer Borg Cube. Hugh is on it. I hadn’t recognized him, but I just saw an image that Picard was looking at from when he was a full Borg with implants.

Alison was involved with Maddox, and even so, she killed him. For a moment, I thought that she was a Zhat Vash plant. She must have been shown what androids are capable of in order to get the drive to actually kill Maddox. The Romulans think that Dahj and Soji have a homeworld, presumably populated with more androids.

Soji discovers that something is wrong with her. She communicates with her mom every night, and those transmissions last only a certain amount of time. Previously, it had been revealed that it’s just some computer simulation talking to her and programming her in some fashion, subconsciously at least. All of her belongings are 37 months old. Narek almost manages to kill her after she has revealed enough clues to locate the android homeworld. She escapes and is saved by Picard and Hugh. Elnor and Hugh stay to fight the Borg while Picard and Hugh escape using a long range transporter, which was assimilated from the Sekarians after Picard had been separated from the Collective.

All in all, the episodes were good. They’re moving along, albeit somewhat slowly. I liked Ep 6 a lot. It could be that Soji and Dahj are bioroids, with many or even mostly biological parts. It would make sense how they pass scans so easily. Or that Federation privacy laws protect its citizens from unobtrusive scans.

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