Destiny 2 S10: Season of the Worthy Initial Impressions

The download was about 4.9GB and I was too tired to play the game at 1am. So my first experience playing the new season game was the following night. There were a few nice cutscenes. To start out the storyline, after having been to the tower, I had to go to see Ana Bray and Rasputin, the War Mind on Mars. The rest of the quests were straightforward until I got to the EDZ Seraph Bunker in the Winding Cove.

Once I cleared the bunker the first time, I had to run a few bounties in order to accumulate some Warmind Bits, the new seasonal currency. After I had done so, I had to return to the bunker to clear it out once again. Only, the mission couldn’t be started for a few minutes. After about 10 minutes of messing about, returning to orbit, reloading the map, etc, I got it activated and cleared it once again.

Be warned, the bunker now had a barrier champion, and two overload champions in the boss room. It made for a hard fight, especially if you hadn’t unlocked the right seasonal mods (anti barrier rounds for SMG, overload rounds for AR). However, each overload champion can be taken out with one super. I’m a hunter main, so I used arc staff and waited for my next super. I did this only after having completely cleared the room.

Also, I had trouble finding which bunker mod to activate. It kept saying that I needed to rank up my bunker, only I was trying to rank it up! In the end, I watched a video and figured it out. There is a bunker mod that is free, it’s the javelin one. Then, I was able to purchase another upgrade. Now, I couldn’t rank up the bunker. I finally realized that the seasonal currencies, the chipset this time, had been sent to my postmaster because my current inventory was full. Also, there was an issue because DIM hadn’t yet been properly updated, the new currencies weren’t showing up yet. Eventually, after loading into the tower, retrieving them manually, and then going back to the bunker, I managed to get it done.

It’s gonna take around 8 bunker mods to do a bunker rank, or something like that. I managed to get half of a bunker rank. It’s gonna be kind of a grind because currently, there’s only one bunker open, but eventually, there will be 4.

All season pass holders get the new exotic weapon, Tommy’s Matchbook, a 720 rpm AR. I haven’t used it yet, because the drawbacks seem quite severe: you damage yourself the more damage you deal out. Seems like a non-starter. Personally, I’ll stick with my Arc Logic and my Recluse.

I haven’t played much, but I already got the new hunter exotic, Raiju’s Harness, which works with middle tree arc staff. I think it’s fair to say that most people will have to grind their power level up to 990-1000 before being ready for the trials, which launch this Friday. Since I haven’t played any trials before, I’m not exactly sure what to expect. Needless to say that I hope that it reinvigorates PvP. It’s also safe to say that Bungie is pushing for an AR meta this season, thanks to the seasonal mods.

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