Destiny 2 S10 Week 1: The Return of Trials of Osiris

I had a fun time over the weekend watching the streamers go flawless in the Trials. To get a flawless card, you need to get 7 wins in a row. With the passage of mercy purchased from Saint-14, you can get a loss and still get it. Most of the people I was watching were around 1000 light, or thereabouts. This weekend, the bonus power from the artifact is still enabled. It won’t be the case in the following weekends.

Having never played trials before, I can only imagine how it must have been like. I know some people who went flawless, but even the best PvP players had some challenges. I’m not even going to try until I hit max level, or the soft cap of 1000 light. I find the whole trials situation a lot more interesting than leveling up a bunch of bunkers in a mundane and repetitive way.

To that end, I’ve spent my time actually leveling up with bounties. I’ve managed to get to 977, but I think I can get to 1000 by the end of the week, thanks to the weekly reset. Eventually, I’ll probably be able to run a decent trials card. I’m pretty sure that unless I get carried by some PvP friends, it won’t be flawless.

The rewards are rotating over a period of weeks. This weekend, everyone who went flawless got the gauntlets, the fusion rifle, and the scout rifle. Overall, they look cool, but no adept weapons, which is kind of good in my opinion. It would tilt the balance of the PvP meta too much towards the people with a good team and make the trials weapons dominate in the crucible.

I mean look at how they nerfed the Recluse. I went into the crucible on the weekend, and rocked Hard Light and Bite of the Fox. I’d have used Revoker if I had it. For my personal play style, ARs are great. I perform a lot better than with hand cannons. I got outplayed plenty of times. The times I used the Recluse, I had trouble keeping my shot centered on the crit spot, which was a lot easier with Hard Light.

So I’m happy do far, but that’s probably down to me having a lot of missions and exotics to get, weapons that I haven’t yet gotten so far. I’ve only done 3 of the raids. Overall, this season definitely feels light on content so far. There is only one ritual/pinnacle weapon, and it’s the Iron Banner bow… The Seraph bunker grind is going to get old pretty fast.

I’m not too happy about how they plan on limiting the power cap on infusing legendary weapons to limit power creep. That’s the explanation on why the trials weapons are kind of lackluster. This should definitely not happen.

I played with Tommy’s Matchbook for a while. It’s the new exotic AR for S10. It’s a 720 rpm AR that will do more damage the longer you hold down the trigger, I think it’s almost double damage. However, the more you do so, the more it damages your health. You’ll never die from it. But it’ll bring your health down dramatically. The exotic catalyst, on which I’m working on, reduces this damage, but you’ll still lose all of your shield. I think this is a great AR concept, akin to a berserker build of some sort, in which you need to damage yourself in order to do more damage. I’ll play around with some builds to see how to min max it. I skipped most of last season, so I didn’t play at all with the charged with light mods. I saw Aztecross talk about a build using these mods. I’ll find out more about this the more I play with it.

For now, at least for how I play in the Crucible, it’ll be hard to beat Hard Light, an exotic AR which was kind of lackluster before this season.

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