Destiny 2 S10: Iron Banner & Point of the Stag? Pointless Stag?

You start up your Cast In Iron quest by talking to Lord Saladin at the tower. I also picked up all of Banshee’s and Lord Shaxx’s bounties.

Step 1: Super Smelting

  • Super kills: 3
  • Opponents defeated: 30
  • Zones captured: 10

Reward: Iron Remembrance class item

This was by far the easiest and took me only 2 matches to complete. I just rocked my favorite load out, Hard Light, Bite of the Fox, Love & Death GL with STOMP-EE5 and 100 recovery/ 80 mobility. I heard that some of the bounties will complete faster if you are at a lower light level. Honestly, I didn’t test this out and I took it like Trials prep.

Step 2: Clear the Cylinders

  • Matches completed: 6
  • Zones captured: 20
  • Hand cannon final blows: 25

Reward: Iron Remembrance gauntlets

Since I’m not that great at using my Spare Rations under pressure, but I’m improving, I decided to go with 2 load outs. Crimson/Trust and Spare Rations/Eriana’s Vow. Crimson is like a pulse rifle, and Eriana’s Vow is like a sniper. I think it’s a good combination. It worked out well. I was the most successful with Crimson, once I got used to it. I even got my first hate mail, but it was more like fan mail. That was also pretty cool.

Step 3: Heat the Barrels

  • Defeat 100 opponents in Iron Banner
  • Zones captured: 30
  • SMG final blows: 20

Reward: Iron Remembrance leg armor

This was the step that I took me a bit more time, just because I have stopped using the Recluse since Master of Arms was nerfed. Also, I’ve scrapped my SMG PvP armor a few seasons ago and my current setup is optimized for ARs. After switching the target adjuster mod for a counterbalance mod, it was easy. It definitely changed the recoil pattern enough that it was easier to keep on target. Riskrunner could have been a good option, too. Also Exit Strategy, Antiope, Atalanta, etc.

Step 4: Harness the Elements

  • Super kills: 15
  • Zones captured: 40
  • Fusion rifle final blows: 15

Reward: Iron Remembrance chest armor, Point of the Stag Legendary Bow

For this part, I used Jotünn since I had recently gotten it (1 week ago). It was sort of a hit and miss. It’s map dependent in my opinion. It’ll do great in open maps. In close quarters, it’s hard to get it on target every time, however you can get multikills, especially when you’re shooting over obstacles. But it was fun. So I didn’t switch to my god roll Wizard’s Rebuke, which I really like. The super kills took me a long time because my armor is for recovery and mobility, not for intellect. Then, I replaced all of my recovery mods for intellect ones so that I would get my super every 3 minutes or so. That worked out fine. At a certain point, I stopped caring about winning or losing matches. I only cared about getting the right kind of kills.

Step 5: Sharpen the Arrows

  • Bow final blows: 10
  • Matches completed: 15
  • Zones captured: 50

Reward: Iron Remembrance helmet

This had to be by far the most annoying step and I wasn’t looking forward to it. The crucible is quite fast paced and unless you’re laning with a sniper or a scout rifle. A bow is kind of a strange weapon archetype. It’s not a one shot kill, and lining up your second shot takes a lot more time than a scout. J3z used a load out with Oathkeepers, and Dire Promise with a quick access sling mod. He lined up his bow shot then immediately swapped to his hand cannon. Naturally, this wouldn’t work for getting the 10 final blow kills with bows. It took me 3 matches, but I got it. I tried using Wish Ender/Subtle Calamity and then switched out Wish Ender for Leviathan’s Breath. I haven’t used Leviathan’s Breath in a long time, so I kind of wasted ammo. The draw time of Point of the Stag is longer than one of the Subtle Calamity bows, the ones I keep to do all of these BS bow quests.

At least there wasn’t a quest step involving heavy ammo, like last time, which had to be patched. Overall, the bow is kind of lackluster. The interesting part of the quests is that I completed all of my IB, Crucible, and Banshee bounties without even trying to. Also, the pinnacle drops. I recommend saving them until you get yo 1K PL. It’s a guaranteed +1 PL. I started the night at 1004 PL and ended up at 1009. I’m sure that tonight, I’ll hit 1011 once I turn in my IB bounties and hot 1000 GS.

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