Destiny 2 S10 Crucible Meta: Hard Light OP?

Previously, I’ve usually gone into the Crucible using the Recluse and a sniper, or Spare Rations with Beloved/Mindbender’s Ambition. Since they nerfed the Recluse’s perk, Master of Arms, the weapon has definitely been used a lot less. I also found that on console, it’s hard to crit with it. There is a lot of wobble, and I’ve been using other weapons.

This season, after coming across some people using Hard Light, and then wondering why, I saw that it had been seriously buffed. I started using it, and I like it. I’m no aim bot, so my hand cannon shots can be off, unlike some better players. I use them, especially Spare Rations, since I still don’t have many of the top exotics hand cannons, like The Last Word. However, Spare Rations is farmable, albeit it drops infrequently. I got all of mine playing Gambit Prime, during the times I had to grind that mode for quests.

In the last 2 weeks, a lot of people have been going into Trials of Osiris with Hard Light and Revoker, the pinnacle kinetic sniper, and it’s the best in slot. I don’t have it yet, but I’m grinding for it. I tend to go with a decent Bite of the Fox and a Love & Death with proximity grenades.

Hard Light suits my play style, I’ve always used ARs in other games, like The Division, and it is a forgiving gun. It’s easy to use, and the fact that it has no damage drop off is kind of amazing. I find it easier to crit. It’s also kind of fun to spam shots. Shots will reflect, and will do double damage if they hit. It’s harder to get them to hit. I’m going to finish masterworking it since I have the catalyst. I was working on Sunshot, but the sun blast part is taking a long time. The catalyst is pretty good for Hard Light since it beefs up handling.

I’m going to be grinding out sniper kills for the Revoker, so I’ll be spending more time in the crucible, especially if Momentum Control appears. That will make grinding for Revoker, The Mountaintop, and the Komodo a lot easier. A clan mate actually finished all of his Revoker kills in 2 days.

Very good PvP players will have no problems countering Hard Light with a couple of well placed crits from hand cannons. I think the people who are the most annoyed are the ones who aren’t proficient enough to counter it with hand cannons and are forced to use Hard Light. Hard Light is especially deadly in the hands of people with already good aim.

Having used a few different ARs in PvP, I’d say that by far, the exotics Hard Light and Suros Regime outperform their legendary counterparts by a fair amount. Some, like Arc Logic which I use most of the time in PvE. They have a significant damage fall off in medium to long range, meaning that if you were using Hard Light, you’d be getting more kills. You’ll also get challenged and outgunned by hand cannons.

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