Guardian Games in Season of the Bounties: Grindy Grind Grind Grind

The grind in Guardian Games is all about getting the Class Act triumph, which entails to complete 7 triumphs during this 3-week event in order to get the new exotic HMG, Heir Apparent. I gotta say that this was pretty grindy, more than it should have been.

The HMG is pretty fun. It gives you an arc overshield, just like a Cabal Colossus, when you are at full health. It doesn’t suit my Hunter play style, but it works pretty well on my Titan. It took me about a week to get it, playing on all 3 characters. I started out on my Hunter, then switched over to my Titan, and then finished it on my Warlock. I’ll say this about the stupid medals and bounties: they have helped me to learn how to play Titan and Warlock better.

TBH, as soon as I got the exotic, I stopped caring about Guardian Games. Actually I never really cared about them. I only cared about getting the exotic. I was actually a lot happier to finally hop back onto my Hunter, with Stompees and Quickfang, flying around maps. Both Titan and Warlock feel slow in comparison, but that’s probably down to me not knowing how to really play top tree dawnblade well enough.

I’ll try to complete the seasonal triumphs, I’ve only got 2 left and they don’t involve medals, just bounties and rumble. So I should be good. I did all of my destination laurels and medals first, using the Altar of Sorrow event on the Moon. I was farming for weapons at the same time. If you load into an instance with not enough players, just return to orbit and reload it.

Crucible and Gambit were fine, except when it came to getting laurels on warlock and hunter. Strikes took longer, especially since I was matched with random classes. Overall, I think that this event was a bunch of BS. Boring and repetitive, enough to make me want to stop playing. I couldn’t play every night.

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