Hardcoded Victory & The Almighty Seal in Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy

When the secret triumph was revealed on April 21st, most of the tryhards in my clan got it very quickly. At that time, I couldn’t be bothered with it. Mainly it was because I’m in a different time zone than they are, so they end up playing when I’m at work or unavailable.

I tried last week with a few clan mates and we sort of failed, mainly because in order to complete it, you have to use 9 players. However, this is a public event, so it doesn’t allow matchmaking. This means that players have to try to load into the same instance over and over again. This can only work if players are on the same servers.

This was definitely a major design flaw of this event. The event is kind of garbage. After a week or two of doing them, I had no plans on doing any again. I had also stopped upgrading my seraph bunkers because why bother? I had about 8000 warmind bits and I planned to upgrade them all at the same time. I did his last weekend.

We had planned to try to clear the triumph on Saturday. I quickly put together a warmind build, using a 1-2 punch build with Liar’s Handshake, and using some warmind mods, as well as the Seraph AR.

The first world event had been scheduled for reset, around 1am my local time. We were planning on starting at around midnight to hopefully finish quickly. While I was waiting for my clan mates, I scanned the lfg groups and found some dudes looking for an extra player. I quickly loaded in. It took about 3-4 tries before we were successful. I focused on add clear, but I kept rotating around the plates to make sure that adds didn’t overwhelm the players defending the plates. We did it on the moon. It was done in about 10 minutes or so. I got the triumph.

I was pretty happy with that. I don’t know what happened with my clan. Once I got it, I informed them. I was planning on helping them out after the world live event. Just like everyone else, I didn’t expect the live event to last until 2:30 am. I actually fell asleep waiting for the Almighty to crash.

The live event was interesting. It took way too long to complete. It was cool. I wish that next time, it starts on time and finishes in 15 minutes. Not 90 minutes.

The hardest part of the seal was completed. Now I had to clear 2 legendary lost sectors: Scavenger’s Den in the EDZ and Aphix Conduit on Io. They would be on rotation on June 8th. So I’d have to wait. The main reason why I hadn’t done them before was because I didn’t think I’d be able to get the hardcoded victory triumph.

Now that I had it, it was time to wait. On Monday night, after reset, I checked on the LLS. To my surprise, instead of having switched and adhered to the schedule, the Quarry was still the LLS. My guess is that it was for people to try to finish the 4th Horseman quest before the new season starts. The 4th Horseman and Felwinter’s Lie would be removed on reset on Tuesday.

This was very frustrating as I had been waiting for it. I complained on the Bungie forums, Twitter, and reddit. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one in this situation. I went to bed pretty annoyed because if the LLS didn’t rotate, I wouldn’t be able to get the Almighty seal. This is similar to what happened to me during Season of the Undying. I didn’t get that seal either, and the grind at the end of the season for the ritual weapons, Randy’s and Exit Strategy, exhausted me. So much that after the end of the season, I took a 2-month break from destiny, barely logging on at all.

I woke up on Tuesday morning to see that dmg had posted an update. At 8 am my time, the EDZ LLS would rotate to Scavenger’s Den. Finally! When I came home for lunch, I booted up Destiny and completed it. I got my first seal. That meant I could take it easy.

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