Destiny 2 S11: Season of Arrivals

I watched the reveal stream as did many others. The most surprising thing that came out of this was that they were releasing a dungeon that same day. It also looked fantastic. The design of the reckoning based dungeon was amazing in my opinion. When I watched Sweatcicle clear it with his time for World’s First, I was impressed. They were around 1040 and struggled with some parts, but bested it.

The rest of the season involves a public event that’s basically gambit. It’s not match made, so we’ll run into the same problems as before. However, the event is a lot less boring. You basically kill stuff and bank motes. So far, I have found them oddly unrewarding, which is kind of sad. I’ve run quite a few and received only paltry returns.

Bungie also introduced sunsetting of all armor and weapons of S1 to S8 next season, which will launch on September 22nd. I’m completely against this, but if it resolves some balancing issues, whatever. It’s kind of stupid, especially when it comes to armor. Good rolls on armor are rare, and you spend a lot of materials and time getting the right rolls to min max your build. Having to start over every year is stupid. They should have put more thought into it. There’s a way of sunsetting gear that won’t piss people off. The worst part is yet to come. Since they are releasing some older weapons from past season again, you’ll basically end up grinding for the exact same rolls AGAIN! That’s really stupid.

I’ve barely got one armor set, my PvP set, that’s completely masterworked after almost a year. Now I have to do this again? Most of the community have decided to stop grinding and just use whatever they get. Obviously this was a big mistake from Bungie. People don’t react well when you negate the amount of time people have put into the game to get their guns and armor.

There are some good things, like the ability to focus engrams on loot you’re farming for. There’s a new type of Darkness infused engram that you can focus on specific loot, most of it good. You can farm for the new weapons, a high impact frame auto rifle (meh), a precision frame fusion rifle (which I like), boltcaster 2.0 (temptation’s hook sword, which can launch an arc heavy attack, a bit like the black talon exotic sword), Cold Denial (a high impact pulse rifle, which got a buff in the new sandbox, unlocks at season rank 45), and dark drinker 2.0 (falling guillotine, the sword to get this season, it has a whirlwind heavy attack that melts bosses).

I heard that the armor focus engram, in the second row, is somewhat bugged. Some people reported that the stat focus resulted in bad rolls. I saw Sweat on stream getting shafted by this. He said to just use the first row of armor focus until they patch it.

The other great thing this season is the exotic breech loaded grenade launcher, which uses special ammo and fits in the kinetic slot. It is by far my most used GL. It lobs a projectile, that looks like a taken orb, which explodes on impact, making a mini taken blight that does tick damage. If it’s a direct hit on an enemy, and it kills the target, a blight will be left there as well. So this is a special weapon that does what Anarchy can do. I don’t have Anarchy yet, so I’m loving this. On top of this, it can be combined with dark drinker for some insane DPS numbers. Ehroar made a video on the weekend, where he insta-melts strike bosses. There’s a bug that happens when too many people fire at a boss at the same time. I’ve seen people insta-melting the sanctified mind.

Trials relaunched with bugs again and was disabled after people who went flawless couldn’t get to the lighthouse. There’s a new trials engram that allows you to get loot just for playing around 4 games, whether you win or lose. That will help make the playlist more popular, as it’s now known for being the most sweaty playlist in crucible.

Getting umbral engrams is actually pretty easy. It’s the altered element, the seasonal currency, that’s harder to obtain. You’ll need to play the game a lot, do prismatic recaster bounties, in order to progress. Honestly, I feel like I’m always out of this currency. I’m not even talking about the twisted energy currency, which is severely capped on each character at around 1000 per week. I’ll be at rank 9 after having playing all three characters this week.

The new seasonal mods are available from the prismatic recaster on a daily rotation, which is awesome. I’ve already gotten radiant light, the arc mod that gives you +20 strength.

I’m very happy that I don’t have to run reckoning t3 in order to farm gnawing hunger. I’ve already gotten some really good rolls. I’m currently working on the Witherhoard catalyst, which adds auto loading holster and maxes out stability. I’m at 1056 on two characters, so I’ll attempt the dungeon on the weekend. The mechanics aren’t too complicated and my load out will probably consist of izanagi’s burden, 7th seraph SMG, dark drinker, running top tree night stalker. It’ll be the analogue of Ehroar’s warmind build, but for hunters. Void is needed to run the oppressive darkness mod to debuff enemies.

There are still a few more things to come this season, including two more exotics, traveler’s chosen, a sidearm, and ruinous effigy, a trace rifle with some unique effects, somewhat like witherhoard. So far, it’s a lot better than last season.

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