Destiny 2 Season of the Arrivals: The Good, The Bad & Sunsetting

On July 7th, there was a major update to Destiny 2. The Ruinous Effigy questline was finally released. The evacuation questline started. Once completed, it allows you to unlock two ikelos weapons to farm from the prismatic recaster.

The Ruinous Effigy questline isn’t long, but since I combined it with a bunch of other bounties, like the Evacuation questline, it took me a full play session. At the end, the reward was pretty good. I got the ornament because it looks pretty dope I gotta say. Now, all that was left was to masterwork it. In order to do so quickly, all you had to do was to shoot Savathun’s Eyes which had popped up all over the place in the beginning of the season. I completed this, except the ones in the Prophecy dungeon, in less than an hour. The 5 hidden in the Whisper mission took me the longest, because I didn’t really remember much of the jumping puzzle, but it wasn’t as bad as the first few times I did it.

Once masterworked, if you use any of the relic effects, the damage to Ruinous Effigy is buffed by 30%. This is a separate buff from any other, so it’ll stack with the 1 buff, 1 debuff system that’s in place right now. I like the rifle. It works well into the void warlock build I have got going.

The Ikelos SMG is pretty good. The rolls I’m going for are DSR and Tap the trigger for PvP, threat detector & surrounded for pve. It spawns warmind cells once you’ve applied the Global Reach mod in your armor, which only costs 1 energy. I’m trying to get a few rolls with Seraph rounds as well. They seem to drop less. I’ll have to farm them for a while more. I still haven’t gotten the god roll Fallen Guillotine (jagged edge, swordmaster’s guard, relentless strikes, whirlwind blade/surrounded), but since I’ve been watching Sweatcicle still farming for it, I’m not too sad about it. I got a good roll that I masterworked until the right one drops. 

The moments of triumph have been revealed. The triumphs involve completing some of the raids that will be vaulted in September. The other thing that Bungie announced was that the raids in question would be farmable for loot, meaning that Anarchy and Tarrabah can be farmed from boss checkpoints over and over again. At 20 clears, the chance to get them jumps up to 50%, so that’s cool. I’ll be farming Anarchy very soon.

I started writing this post in early July, but I gotta say that I’m less motivated to grind. I got Ghosts of Tsushima, and I’ve been playing it with the fiancée. More on that on another post. I’ve tried farming Anarchy, but haven’t get dedicated a weekend for it. I had trouble finding groups in my timezone. 

Today, I finally ran Garden of Salvation for Divinity. I’ve been trying to get that gun since it launched, and it has eluded me. Mostly due to clan issues, timezone problems, etc. I’ve changed clans a few times this year, hoping to find more supportive players. Right now, I’ve hooked up with some guys who are run by an American living in Tokyo, so that fits my timezone well. I want to farm Anarchy and 1K before the end of the season. I also need to run all of the raids that will be vaulted. Once I get Anarchy, I can devote more time to running those raids a few times. I also want to farm Tarrabah. 

The really bad part of this season is not the fact that the Mountain Top that I just got maybe two months ago will get sunset, but the fact that a lot of my armor is also getting sunset. I have been trying to make sure that I no longer keep many armor pieces that have the 1060 cap. I try to run with pieces that have at 1310-1360 cap. I’m lucky that I don’t have too many pieces that will need to be replaced next season. I haven’t been farming Nightfalls for mats. I should probably. It kind of gets repetitive quickly. Since I kind of stopped grinding my gear score, I’m still at 1055 or so. I’ll need to get it higher in order to complete the Grandmaster Nightfalls, which I’ll try in the coming weeks. 

Sunsetting armor is stupid. WTF are they thinking? It makes no sense at all. 





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