Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals S11: Iron Banner Misery

In the last few weeks, there’s been a dearth of content in Destiny 2. I’ve been playing less. I’ve been playing Ghost of Tsushima. There’s not much going on to be honest. I’m still farming for a god roll Ikelos SMG as well as a Falling Guillotine. They haven’t dropped yet, even though I’ve turned in hundreds of umbrals.

Unlike in previous seasons, getting the god roll no longer matters that much, due to sunsetting. All of your gear has an infusion cap. There’s no real point chasing the ultimate roll anymore, since, at most, you’ll keep it for a year or so. This actually means that people are playing less. At least I am. There’s no point in farming for a perfect Arc Logic or Beloved because they’ll be sunset at the end of the current season (S11). Since I’m running Menagerie for umbral traces for the weekly quest, I’m still trying to get the right Beloved, but my current one is good enough.

I don’t think that this was intended by Bungie. People were farming rolls. This made players play the same content over and over again. Now that sunsetting is a thing, people are playing less.

In S11, SBMM (skill-based matchmaking) was removed from all playlists except Rumble and comp (Survival). Trials is a different kind of card-based MM that’s not very good either. This seemed to be catered to streamers and ultra sweat lords, who have gotten tired of always facing each other in ultra sweaty matches. I think that SBMM was good. It kept them from farming lower-skilled players.

The game is now using CBMM, connection-based MM instead. This means that it’ll supposedly match you with players closer to you, so you’ll end up having better matches, less lag, less disconnects. It’s been average so far in my opinion.

CBMM is fine, but as a solo player, I keep facing six stacks. Before, it wasn’t an issue. I’ve never backed out of MM because of this. After getting mercied by a six stack of flawless/unbroken players, 75 to 9, I’ve been keeping a close eye to the MM. I always back out of matches that have me facing six stacks.

Even if I face a bunch of solo players, with maybe a few small teams, there are problems because SBMM is off. Let’s say there’s an unbroken player on my team. On his own, he’ll end up stomping the other team. Instead of getting my usual amount of frags to fulfill my stupid bounties, I’ll end up with only a few kills. This means I got to play more IB in order to get those bounties done.

I stupidly tried to lower my light to 930 in order to complete the last two bounties quicker. It was even more painful. Eventually I gave up on that strategy, and went back to a sweaty loadout. I got the bounties done, but it shouldn’t have taken that long.

In some other games, there’s MM for everything. From raids to PvP. Destiny should be the same. It doesn’t matter if players will have a bad time. It will sort itself out. It’s better than having no MM. THis means more players will try raids, dungeons, and trials, instead of just ignoring those playlists. There should be a solo queue for everything. That means that organized teams won’t be impacted by this. If some teams need extra players as well, instead of having to go out of the game to MM, they can find extra players within the player pool.

I’m not even going to talk about the state of the servers and what should be done to completely overhaul them as well. The system we have in D2 is archaic at best. It makes one of the players the anchor for the game. No wonder people keep lagging out.

At the time I’m writing this, I’ve completed 4/12 bounties. The last IB, I finished at 10/12. I should be finishing or working on my second character. Instead, I’m not sure how much I’ll continue to grind the playlist. I’ll try my titan next. I don’t think I’ll end up playing much of my warlock in IB.


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