Solstice Pain: The Grind On All 3 Characters (Not So Bad TBH) Destiny 2 S11 2020

It’s been a weird couple of weeks. There’s not much going on to be honest, and there was plenty of time to get the solstice grind started without any problems. I am still scarred by the fact that I grinded out last year’s on one character, only to immediately delete it come Shadowkeep. That was nasty.

I got my hunter done in the first week. I skipped the second week and did other stuff, because it comes as no surprise, it’s grindy. Thankfully, there’s a multiplier this year, so you get x2 on you second character, and x3 on your third. I read that it was possible that if you’re on a titan, you’ll get x3 right away. I started out doing my titan first. It wasn’t so bad, but waiting for heroic events with other people was the longest part. I don’t mind grinding, but when you’re waiting for other people to help, it’s annoying.

Eventually, I got it done. What’s left? Some gambit matches and fragging guardians with Arc final blows. I should get it done tonight and then start my warlock. The armor is bad to average. The stat rolls are average. Low 60s. I’m just doing them for the universal ornaments tbh. There’s no real point of grinding it beyond that. You can easily get a white glowing piece by completing a Nightmare Hunt or three Altar of Sorrow completions.

My opinion on this event is that’s it’s pretty average. I got my goals done in two EAZ runs. I farmed a lost sector in a strike to finish up my orbs. It feels like a placeholder activity. On top of that, there was this giant Cloudflare outage yesterday, which affected Destiny and other games. Eventually, I played, but a lot less than I thought I would. At least I got most of it done.

As for other stuff, I’m close to completing some exotic catalysts, Worldline Zero, Outbreak Perfected. I still have to do the catalysts for Whisper, Sleeper, Telesto and Polaris Lance. There has been no progress on 1K, Tarrabah, and Anarchy. Hopefully within a few weeks I’ll get those done as well.






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