That Time I Spent Raiding Last Wish All Night and Got 2000 Voices (Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals S11)

About a month or two ago, I joined a new Destiny 2 clan. To say that the clans I’ve been in were somewhat lackluster (IMO) is an understatement. When you put a bunch of strangers together, you can end up with some strange drama. Believe me, I know. I used to run a Division 2 clan, which imploded.

I joined some random clan through the official Destiny 2 discord. It was interesting for a short while. Eventually, it got tedious. The raids and activities were always scheduled for people in other time zones. The clan founder was a bit of a drama queen. The best players were in a sister clan, and tbh, it felt like high school. At some point, some of the people accused one of the players I got along with of harassment, which I didn’t believe. It led to a mass exodus of the best players who went over to the same clan. TBH, it didn’t make a big change, because I still wasn’t doing any raids.

The new clan was filled with good players, who were a bit uppity. Once again, the teaching part of raids was absent and I struggled to find players to play with. After a few failed attempts, I stopped trying. They decided to make raid clears a prerequisite for being in the clan. Anyone who didn’t have the right number of clears, would get booted. They made another, more casual clan for those players. I think this happened because a few or all of the clan admins were paid for PvP and PvE recoveries. For this to work well, they need a bunch of skilled players who wouldn’t mind playing certain activities for free. After repeatedly failing to complete raids and other activities with some of the people in their clan, they enacted this rule to ensure their success. It’s very callous and calculated TBH. I just got out before getting removed because wtf. You can’t really teach raids well, you use the clan to help you make money with your job, and you end up requiring people to have 20 clears in 4.

Eventually, I found my current clan. It’s really good. But before that, I got into another, smaller clan, that was way too intense. One of my friends was in it and he liked it. I saw him get 1K and consistently do pinnacle activities. They required people to join a group chat every night and play with clanmates. I stayed for a bit and got kicked. Almost immediately later, I got into a Divinity run with the clan founder of another clan (Divinity is the raid exotic of Garden of Salvation, the last raid that dropped with Shadowkeep for Destiny 2). It was easily successful. The raid was very well organized. The players were very good, but not obnoxious and uppity. I joined the clan as soon as I got Divinity.

I spent a month playing a bit with my new clanmates. Eventually, I really got into it. I started playing with the same people. I got into sherpa raids. Last weekend, we ran a full Last Wish, with 3 times Riven, for 3 chances at 1K Voices, the Last Wish raid exotic, which recently got some bad luck RNG protection, culminating in a 50% chance at getting it after 20 clears (which need to have been done in S11). I was kind of nervous for the Queenswalk, but we got it done very quickly.

On the weekend, I signed up for a Last Wish event. It got rescheduled to Sunday night, and I agreed thinking we would be farming Riven by entering wishes and doing this 3 times. Instead, it was a full raid. I almost backed out, but it’s kind of frowned upon to do so. It was a learning raid, as many players weren’t used to the mechanics, or didn’t remember them.

It took 5 hours to finish the raid. We did farm Riven and I did get 3 Ethereal keys to open chests. And I did finally get 1K Voices. Twice! Best way to finish the day, even though I didn’t get much sleep.

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