Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Deep Stone Crypt Raid S12

While I wasn’t really ready to raid on day 1 of the release of the raid, 11/21, although I was close to 1230 light, I kept at it all week to make sure that I was near or on the hard cap before making any attempt. I had scheduled it for Saturday with a couple of mates.

The clan I’m currently in is by far the best Destiny clan I’ve been in. Everyone is helping out others, even the MLG gamers. I had no issues finding 3 other people to fill up my group. We had a guy helping us out who had cleared it a few times.

Crypt Security Encounter 1

Before the actual encounter, there’s a sparrow race that is very similar to the Exo Challenge called Survival. The challenge kind of teaches you to how use the buff to not die from frostbite. You need to take your sparrow or a pike (bringing all 6 pikes unlocks a triumph which rewards the exotic raid sparrow) to heated bubbles and fight enemies. Currently, there a way of bypassing the mechanic and keeping the buff without worrying about frostbite. We all used it. It was interesting.

The first encounter revolves around disabling the crypt’s security system. This introduces the mechanic that will be used in all of the encounters. There’s an operator buff and a scanner buff. The suppressor buff only appears in the 3rd encounter. The mechanic involves sending one person into the basement with the operator buff. This buff means you can operate the keypads. The scanner needs to tell the operator which keypads to activate.

Once both sides of the room are done, the buffs need to be exchanged using terminals so that the person downstairs can tell the guys upstairs which fuses to shoot. This encounter can be confusing if you’re in the basement. Also, many teams have different names for the keypads. Overall, it’s not a difficult encounter once everyone understands what to do.

Fallen Exo Atraks-1 Encounter 2

In this encounter, you’ll need to stop the Fallen Exo Atraks-1 from replicating himself. The team is split into a ground side and space side. You’ll get there once the operator has activated the capsules. It’s definitely cool to go into space aboard the space station.

Once servitors have been killed, the scanner will need to tell his teammates which version of Atraks-1 needs to be taken out. This will be repeated upstairs and downstairs, alternatively. Unless enough burst damage is done to Atraks, your team will wipe. My team found that 2 light attacks and 1 heavy from everyone using the Lament worked best. Once a copy of Atraks had been destroyed, it leaves a debuff which needs to be jettisoned into space, or Atraks will regenerate. It’s a fun encounter.

Disarmament Encounter 3

This is the first encounter which features the suppressor buff. Taniks needs to be suppressed so that the nukes which spawn can be disposed of in the boxes in front of him. This encounter is fine. It teaches you how to do the boss fight.

Taniks Abomination Boss Fight Encounter 4

This fight uses all of the mechanics and buffs from the previous encounters. There’s some meteor rain that tracks players, which is annoying. The hardest part was actually hitting the thrusters so that the nuclear cores drop, since I’m using a slug shotty. I think I was just too far and should be as close as possible. The guys with the highest DPS was running slug and Cloudstrike with a grenade launcher. I was using a First In Last Out with auto loading holster and vorpal and Anarchy with celestial nighthawk. It’s a bit confusing in the beginning because it’s hard to make out the Divinity bubble in all of the explosions.

I was using a pulse and a slug shotty, so it wasn’t optimal for ad clear. I’m working on an SMG Warmind build, which should be a lot better. Most of the ads spawn and converge close. Since I’m not running a sword, I didn’t have anything to take out the captains that track you aggressively.

Raid Weapons and Armor

All of the mods have been changed this season, including raid armor mods, which are only active in raids and the armor has an extra mod slot for them. They are good. I got 2 mods from the raid. One is the Enchanced Scanner mod. The armor looks good.

The weapons are very cool. Trustee is a 260 rpm solar scout, which looks awesome. All of the raid gear can roll with the new raid perks, like reconstruction and redirection. The European perks are also available, like surplus, wellspring, and thresh. This makes the raid weapons feel very unique and the rolls are quite interesting. Heritage is a kinetic slug that can roll reconstruction, which overfills the mag up to 2x over time. It’s nasty.

I haven’t gotten Posterity, the 180 rpm arc handcannon, Commemoration, a 450 rpm void LMG (reconstruction/rampage sounds nasty), and Succession, a 72 rpm kinetic sniper rifle. There’s also a sword lol (with Falling Guillotine and the Lament in the game, it’s just another for the collection). The design of all of the weapons is very distinctive. They’re all pretty good. I haven’t gotten the raid exotic, but I assume it’s a random drop from the final chest that can be done 3 times per week on your 3 characters.

Deep Stone Crypt Raid Review

There was some controversy surrounding the fact that this raid was “too easy”. It’s definitely not. While around 5500 people have cleared it on day 1 and 270000 attempted a day 1 clear, with a success rate of about 1.9%, I think that’s fine. The raid launched on a Saturday with a full 10 days of preparation.

Watching the top teams trying for World’s First was very was very exciting. I fell asleep because it was the middle of the night, but I spent most of the day watching the clears. Clan Luminous won the race. Redeem and Math Class were far behind. It’s the second year that a smaller team won.

The actual raid is pretty cool. There are a total of 4 encounters, so it’s shorter than some of the longer raids, like Last Wish, but it’s about the same length as Garden of Salvation. Overall, the mechanics are interesting. They remind me of Crown of Sorrow, but in a less annoying manner. The design of the encounters is pretty neat. The best part was the plat forming section between the 2nd and 3rd encounter. You end up jumping around the orbital platform, around it, looking into space, which is very beautiful.

The fact that you can farm rolls of the weapons you want from the final chest is pretty cool. Heritage seems to be the go to slug shotty for the kinetic slot, with reconstruction in the 3rd perk node.

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