Iron Pain: The Iron Banner Experience with no SBMM Destiny 2 S12

Since S11, SBMM in Destiny 2 has been limited to comp and elimination in order to lower queue times. This made a lot of PvP mains happy because they get to stomp lower skilled players. But how much fun is it?

I actually didn’t want to play Iron Banner this time around and delayed until the last possible moment, which ended up being last night. It took me 5h or so to complete the quest as well as all of the pinnacle bounties on my hunter. I’m definitely not going to be completing the quest on my alts. I’ll probably run some more toxic banner tonight to get some bounties done on my alts.

The text of the Iron Banner node implies that there’s some kind of SBMM, but obviously there isn’t. The whole system is broken, because even after the game says “we’re breaking up the teams for a better match”, I end up facing the same flawless and unbroken players.

The only thing this season is that there is a solo queue this time around, so I didn’t have to check if I was facing six stacks as a solo player. Even if I end up with a unbroken on my team, what happens is that this player will frag the most, siphoning away kills from the rest of the team. Meaning that it takes me a lot longer to finish off my bounties/quests.

This time, IB “introduced” two “new” weapons, which are just taken from D1. I don’t mind that. What I mind is that the weapons are good, but there’s no actual way of farming for them. I got a bunch of hand cannons, but I got only 2 of the scout rifles, both rolled with iron gaze, which reduces the range. It seems outdated that the only way to get these weapons is to hope for a random drop, or get them from turning in the tokens. There’s no way of farming for them.

I wasn’t having a good time tbh, and I haven’t been having a good time since last season since they removed SBMM. It’s a stale mode, that makes me want to play buggy Cyberpunk.

I ended up running Jade Rabbit and Trustee to complete the kills. Also, since everyone was trying to complete the same quest, everyone is using scouts and double primaries to get it done ASAP. The only two good things about this was that I discovered that both Hawkmoon and Steady Hand (as well as all of the other 120s) two tap so quickly. The other thing is that Ace is really good now. I alternated between TLW, Crimson and Ace, and went back to Ace to finish the quest.

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