Cyberbug 2077: The Most Disappointing Game of 2020 (Cyberpunk 2077)

Like many fans of CD Project Red, I preordered Cyberpunk 2077 a while ago. It must have been August. I was getting hyped for the release. The PR machine made it sound like an impressive RPG, putting The Witcher to shame. Amidst delays over delays, the game finally launched on December 10th 2020, and was met with utter disdain over its incomplete state.

The game was sold to me was a deep RPG, with branching paths, a bustling city to explore, countless activities to complete, with a multiple endings. What I got was basically a half assed action game, with mild scripting.

I put about 80 hours into the game, and played about two weeks or so. I haven’t touched it since. It crashed about once every two hours or so. I was lucky that I didn’t get any game breaking bugs. However, it wasn’t that fun.

I started my play though focusing on Assault, but quickly realized that Crafting led to the most DPS, so I maxed it out first. I made a kind of cyber ninja. It was interesting, because many of the features reminded me of the table top game, Cyberpunk 2020, which I played as a kid.

The story puts you in the shoes of V, a strangely abbreviated character, which is supposed to be an empty vessel that will hopefully persuade you to believe that you are in the game. It’s a nice concept, but most of the game is in an unfinished state. There’s not much to do once you complete the main campaign. In fact, after you’ve completed it, you’re brought back to your last save game before you started the final mission. This means that anything that you got from the final mission, like Rogue’s exotic hand cannon, is unavailable to actually try out and use. I feel like I got the best ending, with V starting her assault or insertion on Crystal Palace.

After a certain point, the game becomes very easy. You end up one shotting everything. All activities become kind of pointless. The game is a surface level rpg, which is barely nothing more than an action adventure game. I think Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is probably more fun to play. This game gets boring. The driving is terrible. That is until you unlock better cars. The Mitsuki Shion Coyote was my go to car, and it drove well. Until then, I was just using motorcycles.

Bugs. This game is basically a bug simulator. It’s obvious that this game hasn’t been properly tested. It needed another year. And that’s to get the game we got functioning properly. That doesn’t even include the content that they cut from the game.

It’s just so disappointing. I’m never going to preorder a CD Project Red game again. I’m not sure I’ll ever buy one again. They botched this game. By the time it’s fixed, late 2021 or 2022, no one will be playing this. I hope that all of the lawsuits are successful and that this company feels it on the bottom line. It’s disgraceful. I give this game maybe a 3/10. It’s not worth playing or buying.

Writing this made me so angry that I immediately asked for a refund. I hope everyone asks for one.

3/10 avoid at all costs

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