Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen S13 Way Better than S12

I actually started playing the new season of Destiny 2 last week. I tend to take a break between January and March. It didn’t help that Season of the Hunt was pretty bad. I logged on on the last day to get the Warden title, checked out the beginning of the season, then didn’t play until last week. I hadn’t realized that you could still get that title in the following season. That’s cool.

In a week of intense playing, I got all of my characters to 1302 GS, so around 1315 with artifact power, maxed out my season pass, started doing endgame activities. Overall, I like the new Battlegrounds. They make grinding bounties a lot easier, because I can do Wartable, some Vanguard, and Banshee’s easily enough. The activities itself is new enough, so I’ve been playing it a lot. I’ve got 10 seasonal challenges left. Well, that was before reset. I’ve got 14 left.

I’ve finally finished Harbinger for the ship. I’ve also run Presage a few times. I’ve gotten a subsistence roll for Dead Man’s Tale. I’ve yet to run the master version for the catalyst, but that’s in the works for the weekend. They’ve added 2 “new” strikes, reprised from D1. I’ve yet to run the lost sectors for this season’s and last season for the seasonal exotics (I’ve only got the Mask of Bakris).

I like how the weekly bounties have become seasonal, and that you can do them at anytime in the season, instead of a single week. It’s really a big improvement. There are more sources of pinnacles, well, that don’t rely on raids. This week, they also patched the frostbite glitch in DSC. There’s still a way around it, but honestly, it’s faster to go through the actual encounter legit. Until something new is found.

Rocket launchers got buffed, but I’m using Anarchy in Presage, and Lament the rest of the time. Rocket launchers are different but they’ve all got the same damage. It’s hard to justify the slot, especially when I can rock Anarchy and melt bosses. Don’t get me wrong, I love Eyes of Tomorrow, but it still needs to get the buff that legendary rocket launchers got this season. I’ve been killed by it many times while playing gambit. Gambit’s kind of been toxic, because I’m just trying to get grenade launcher kills for the ornament. I’m just rocking a sword for DPS.

I got Salvager’s Salvo quickly enough. It’s really good for ad clear, but it sits in the energy slot, meaning that most of my best weapons can’t be used with it. I have to use a kinetic primary. There are some good ones, like Hailing Confusion etc, but the best primaries sit in the energy slot. For warmind cell builds, you’d have to rock the 7th seraph carbine, which is ok but meh (450rpm AR). The Salvager’s Salvo is definitely no Mountaintop in the Crucible, but I’ll run Prophecy with it. For most of the endgame activities, I use a sniper to break anti barrier shields and a pulse for unstoppables. I usually pair this with Lament. I’ve been trying different combinations, like the Forward Path, 7th Carbine, Sacred Provenance, Outbreak, Bad Juju, etc. I’ll probably farm IB hard for the pulse.

I’ve gotten one ornament for Salvager’s and one for Adored. I’ll probably get another two from Gambit, because I plan on farming for a better Bottom Dollar (MKC or rampage). They buffed the drop rates with this week’s update.

Overall, this season is pretty good. I’m satisfied. The Battlrgrounds are fun for a seasonal offering. They’re way better than the hunts.

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