The State of Trials of Osiris In Season of the Chosen (Destiny 2 S13)

Trials has always been an issue with the D2 community. There’s this meme of how they wanted to ship trials right. Instead, we got a playlist populated by cheaters and account recoveries, also ultra sweat lords.

I’ve never been much interested in trials because I’m just an average PvP player. I don’t want to spend all of my playtime in the PvP playlists. I used to be better, but can’t be bothered.

Adept weapons were introduced last season in trials and this season in GMs. They’re all a bit average. Except the adept messenger with desperado, which is the perk that rolled on Redrix, and the Igneous Hammer, a 120 rpm hand cannon. With the buff to 120s, and 150s getting rolled into 140s, they’ve become the best HCs in the game. The trials version is one of the strongest. The quickdraw/rampage roll is what many people were going for.

Card-based Matchmaking is broken

With so many teams farming tokens, resetting their cards after 1 win or 3 (to get the 3-win reward, which is the HC, early card games are as sweaty as deeper card games. Trials should be SBMM. At all times. Diamond elos shouldn’t play against noobs. All playlists should have SBMM. It’s one of the reasons why I stopped playing so much PvP. Why do I match flawless or unbroken players when I’m just average? It’s punishing.

Trials is unrewarding and doesn’t respect your time

I think I heard Cammycakes say this, and I fully agree. In a move to discourage token farming, losses no longer award any tokens. In fact, in order to be able to redeem tokens, you need to get 3 wins on a card. The most I’ve managed is 1. So I’m sticking on a stack of tokens that I can’t do anything with.

Trials population is very low most weekends because of this

Instead of encouraging players, it punishes them. There’s a reason why it’s the lowest populated playlist. Most of the time, I couldn’t care less. This time around, there was a great bounty. A bounty which let you earn the 3-win reward, even if you lost all the games you played. I did it on three characters. I got a killing wind/rampage roll. The only time I’ll play is to farm that bounty. It was so frustrating to my team, that they rage quit midway through. I continued to play with LFG groups and no coms. It didn’t matter. There were players jumping off the map, normal players, and ultra sweat lords.

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