The Sweatiest Iron Banner Because I Forgot to Select Freelance

IB is around again, and I’m actually playing this time around. There are 4 “easy” pinnacle bounties to grab per character, and they’re +2 pinnacles, so your LL will go up. For some reason (I must have been tired), I played regular queue for at least an hour.

The “SBMM” is so broken. Why do I match up or with gilded flawless or unbroken players? How hard is it to ensure that lower skilled players are not matched against top tier players?

I guess it was also bad to adapt to SMGs after I hadn’t used any in crucible since the Recluse got sunset/nerfed. The engagement distance is so short. By the time I got some good shots in, they usually frag me with Felwinter’s. Or how about combining duskfield grenades with Witherhoard ? We ran into a whole team running them. FML

I got a few average rolls of the IB Pulse. It’s a 540, so it fires so much faster than my usual pulses. Scratch that, I got a good roll. Rampage/moving target. Feeding frenzy/rampage would be the roll I’m looking for.

I also did my warlock on the weekend and I thought weapon-wise, it was a lot easier. I’m not sure, but the Messenger seems to slap, beating exotic pulses. I had trouble getting ability kills, even with my super, because I kept getting frozen and tbh, the warlock stasis super is kinda meh now. This was when I had to get arc/solar ability kills. Eventually, I settled on chaos reach with geomags. It’s really good. With tier 9 or 10 intellect, you get your super 2-4 times a match, when you cancel it.

The new SMG was introduced this season, and it’s totally a reskin of Escape Velocity. I’m looking for a killing wind/kill clip roll. I also need a better Steady Hand. My best roll is zen moment/snapshot. I’m slowly getting used to handcannons. They slap. Some of the range I’ve seen on them is ludicrous. If I’m not doing quests, I’m using my Igneous Hammer with KW/rampage.

I made it to 1325. Time to farm GMs.

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